Samiyah Samuels Looks For Long Jump National Record and Trip To Rio!

Cypress-Springs' Samiyah Samuels is the defending State Chamion and Pan American Juniors long jump champion.  Check it out, as Samuesls answered a few questions for TX MileSplit.

TX MileSplit:  What are your goals for this upcoming seasons?

Samiyah:  My goal is to jump 22ft and break the high school national record.  Also, I would like to run 11.30 to break my personal record in the 100m.


TX MileSplit:  So, last year you won just about everything you could imagine.  What is left out there for you to shoot for?

Samiyah:  A very wise man once told me, "Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you will always land upon the stars."  For my senior year, my overall goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  This would be an amazing experience for me to the participate in before the end of my high school career.  Of course, I will also aim to be the next World Junior champion in the Long jump.


TX MileSplit:  What was it like competing with the best in the world last summer at the Pam Am Championships?  What was the travel experience like?

Samiyah:  It was fabulous.  It was my second time competing with USA teammate long jumper Courtney Corrin and getting to know all of the other USA Jr track and field athletes.  I was glad to have my parents in Edmonton, Canada.  My dad who has been my jump coach since I was 8 years old was able to keep me relaxed and focused throughout the whole experience.


TX MileSplit:  You won gold in the long jump.  Where is the medal at this moment?

Samiyah:  Right now, I actually have my medal away in a box.  For the past couple of months, I've been using it for photos, so I haven't had the chance to hang it up with all of my other prized possessions.


TX MileSplit:  Talk to us about your relationship with your Cy-Springs teammates and with Coach Gibson.

Samiyah:  I'd say the relationship I have with my teammates and my coach at Cy-Springs resembles a family.  We joke around a lot, but we know how to get serious when it's crunch time?  I love them so much and they have become some of my strongest supporters.


TX MileSplit:  Which event is your favorite and why?

Samiyah:  The long jump is my all-time favorite event.  Many think it's quite easy, but in actuality, it is one of the hardest events in the sport.  I know you're probably wondering why one of the hardest events would be my favorite.  Well, I like the intensity of the event.  The waiting for your turn, nervous in your gut feeling you get seems to trigger something inside of me.  You have to be mentally focused because this event takes all of the concentration you've got!  I guess you could say I like the event because I love a challenge.  The challenge is to stay mentally and physically focused for about a good hour and a half and put all your power and strength into every jump to reach your ultimate goal.


TX MileSplit:  What areas do you feel you can improve at?

Samiyah:  I can improve on my form a lot more because nothing is perfect until you practice it 10,001 times.  Excellent form is the key to faster times and longer distances.


TX MileSplit:  Pancakes or waffles?

Samiyah:  I love pancakes....chocolate chip and blueberry are my favorite.


TX MileSplit:  What is the all-time best Christmas you've ever received?

Samiyah:  I think it was Christmas of 2012.  My parents bought me a purple iPod Nano.  Everywhere I went I took my music.  


TX MileSplit:  Later this year, the new super hero movie Batman vs Superman comes out.  In your opinion, who wins the battle between them, and why?

Samiyah:  Superman, because he is the #1 all-time best super hero!!  First off, he doesn't need weapons to fight and he fights to protect people and not for revenge, plus he doesn't need a sidekick.


TX MileSplit:  If track and field didn't work out for you, what would you be doing?

Samiyah:  Nine times out of ten, I would be dancing, modeling, or involved with fashion somehow.