Champion Allison, Looks To Run At The Top!

Champion Allison goes, 48.61 and 47.31 indoors and 47.57 in his first outdoor meet.

TX MileSplit:  In just your first meet of the year, at A&M, you went 48.61 in the prelims and then 47.31 in the finals.  How did it feel to get two big performances like that?

Champion:  It felt great and got me really excited for the outdoor season.

TX MileSplit:  What was your training regimen and preparation like to get you in that kind of shape?

Champion:  I trained hard during the off season and did a lot of endurance training and a little bit of speed work.


TX MileSplit:  What are your outdoor goals and expectation like now that you popped that 47.31 indoors?

Champion:  This year I am looking forward to running 45 mid in the 400m.

TXMileSplit:  What got you started in track and field?

Champion:  I started by trying to get faster for football and ended up being better in track than I was in football. 

TX MileSplit:  You had a good summer season where you ran several 100s and 4x100s.  Do you feel that speed work helped you as a 400m runner?

Champion:  Yes, I think it helped me with my foot speed.


Photo by Beast Mode Photography

TX MileSplit:  In what looks to be a fast year in the 400m for Texas, what are some things you think you need to work on to ensure you stay as one of the top 400m runners and make it to the state meet?

Champion:  I need to focus on my foot speed and keeping my form the last 50 meters.


TX MileSplit:  The Batman vs. Superman movie comes out in a few weeks.  In your opinion, who wins the battle between the two and why?

Champion:  Batman because he is way stronger.


Photo by Beast Mode Photography

TX MileSplit:  If you weren't as successful in track and field, what would you be doing? 

Champion:  I would most likely be playing football.


TX MileSplit:  Who is your favorite professional track and field athlete, and why? 

Champion:  Allyson Felix is my favorite because I love the way she runs and also because we run the same races.