Josiah Macinnis talks about his passion for running and his Tascosa team

Josiah Macinnis talks with TX MileSplit about running in West Texas and his Tascosa teammates.

TX MileSplit:  You recently competed at the Great Southwest Indoor Classic in New Mexico, how was it for you to drop that 48.56?

Josiah I was very excited, surprised, and incredibly grateful.

TX MileSplit:  This is already your second sub 49 for indoors.  What is it in your training that is leading to this fitness and these fast times?

Josiah:  I've had tremendous support from coach Everhart, Coach Lloyd, and Coach Belcher who all have trained, encouraged, and pushed me.


TX MileSplit:  You also have some impressive 100m and 200m times.  What type of runner do you consider yourself to be?

Josiah:  Versatile. I love running from the 60 to the 400 including relays.  I just love to compete.


TX MileSplit:  You're just in your junior season. What are some of your goals for this season?

Josiah:  100m- 10.5, 200m- breaking 21, 400- breaking 47 and going to state.  My coaches, will help me achieve these goals.


TX MileSplit:  You compete against some of the toughest competition in West Texas and the panhandle.  Who are some of the toughest competitors out there and what are the biggest meets in the area?

Josiah:  There is a lot of competition in this area and I have a lot of respect for these athletes.  I've ran against Jordan Atkinson since the 7th grade and I look forward to competing with him once again.  Amarillo Relays is the biggest meet in this area.


TX MileSplit:  With many Texas athletes under 22.0 and 49.0 for indoors, what are your expectations for Texas track and field in the 200m and 400m?

Josiah:  I'm just looking forward to competing with my teammates at Amarillo Tascosa High School.  I'm excited to see us build upon our success from last year.


TX MileSplit:  How windy does it get out there?  Does it affect your races?

Josiah:  Honestly, it can be very windy and can be brutal when it's cold.  It definitely can negatively impact any race.  It was kinda nice running indoors.


TX MileSplit:  What got you involved in track and field? 

Josiah:  When I realized God had blessed me with speed and a heart to compete.   I am passionate about running.


Photo by: Colin B Photography 

TX MileSplit:  Later this year, the new super hero movie Batman vs Superman comes out.  In your opinion, who is the better super hero, who wins the battle, and why?

Josiah:  Captain America got robbed, he gets my vote.


TX MileSplit:  If you weren't as successful in track, what would be your back up sport or hobby?

Josiah:  Soccer, I played up until freshman year and always have enjoyed playing.


TX MileSplit:  You go to Amarillo Tascosa, one of the top XC programs in Texas.  What is it like being a sprinter at a distance school?

Josiah:  The distance runners all play an important part in the overall success of the track team, but Tascosa also has a lot of talented sprinters.  Our field event team members also make a big contribution and gets us points.  All of us working together help make Tascosa T&F one of the best in West Texas.