Boys Preseason All-State Cross Country 1st Team

The best of the best are reserved for first teamers.

That is exactly what we have for the Boys Preseaon XC All-State 1st team. The one through seven runners were all top finishers at their state cross country meets last year. Five of the top seven runners all ran in at least one of the national post season meets.

By now you've surely figured out who made the team. Go see who is in what position.

Also go to the discussion thread Who Got Snubbed and let us know your opinions on the boys and girls teams. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

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Girls Preseason 1st Team

Boys Preseason 2nd Team

Girls Preseason 2nd Team

Boys Preseason 3rd Team

Girls Preseason 3rd Team

Boys Preseason 4th Team

Girls Preseason 4th Team

Girls Honorable Mention/Preseason 5th Team 

Boys Honorable Mention/Preseason 5th Team