Hurdle Hysteria At Bubba Fife Relays

Clayton Keys (L) and Garrett Carswell (R) battle at 2018 Victor Lopez Relays

If you're lookin g for a tasty race to watch this weekend, then we have one for you. We have already put it out there that the middle distance races at the Katy ISD Bubba Fife Relays.

The boys 800m and the 1600m will be worth the price of admission. However, sandwiched in between will be the boys 300m hurdles.

This race is not quite as long as the 800m or the 1600m races, so if you aren't in your seat when it starts you could miss it. The guys competing are just that fast.

Although the race is shorter, it still requires the same speed and endurance as the aforementioned middle distance events and it is just as painful and difficult as them.

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The Houston area has produced some big time 300 hurdlers in the past. With names like Bayano Kamani, Bennie Brazell, Kerron Clement, and Jamaal Charles we have seen some outstanding speedsters in the event. These types all had elite speed and have run at the highest level.

Tomorrow will showcase three runners who have already established themselves as some of the best in Houston. In fact, one of them returns for his senior seasons after qualifying for the UIL 6A state meet last year as a junior. Tomorrow's race will be so good, we could see at least three runners run in the 37s in result of it's quality.

Who Are The Favorites?

Garrett Carswell - Kingwood

We mentioned that this race could potentially result in three runners running in the 37s. It's only fair to mention one of these studs have already done so, on this short season. Mississippi State University signee Garrett Carswell blasted a state #1 37.91 just last weekend.

Carswell made some big improvements from sophomore to junior year. He ran a whopping 37.67 last season, down three seconds from 40.69, the previous year. That resulted in a UIL 6A state meet qualifying spot where he placed seventh overall.

One of the reasons this will be a big race is that Carswell is good over the hurdles and he is strong and fast. Carswell runs a key and strong leg for the Mustangs' 4x400 relay.

Clayton Keys - Katy Tompkins

Keys may be one that not many are familiar with....yet. Keys is a good hurdler and he is a hard worker. Hurdling is in the family for him. His father, uncle, and aunt were all excellent in the hurdles and his sister is also making waves in several events including the hurdles.

But, Keys already has a top time on the season. He won the Katy Seven Lakes Relays in a 38.57 PR and then went 39.18 for second at the Sam Mosely Relays behind Carswell. There is more in Keys than what he displayed last weekend, and this could be his redemption song.

Like Carswell, Keys' hurdle capabilities can be accredited to a combination of speed and endurance. He hasn't shown 47 quarter miler capabilities, but he can still motor in between the barriers. Perhaps his best attribute is his athletic ability. Keys did run 50.72 in the 400m indoors, but he is a god jumper as well as he has already gone 22-10 and 46-3.75.

Sleeper Pick

Cameron Wilmington - Fort Bend Elkins

As with Keys, Wilmington might not be as well known of a hurdler. And also like Keys, he has familial ties with the event with his father and aunt being hurdlers as well.

Wilmington enters the meet with a 38.00 entry time making him the third possible 37 runner from the field in the end results. Like the runners mentioned prior to him, Wilmington doesn't have the dynamic speed as Kamani, Brazell, Clement, and Charles, but he does have a combination of strength and enough speed to get the job done.

This race could be a defining moment in the region as only two automatically qualify for the state meet. Let's not forget there is at least one more outstanding 300 hurdler in the region and who will be at the meet, just not running in the 2018 UIL 6th place finisher Caleb Cavanaugh.

One thing is for sure, you won't want to miss this race!