3A Boys 800 Recap: Will Boyce Wins Second Gold Medal

Will Boyce captures his second gold of the meet

With the 3,200m win earlier in the morning, Onalaska senior William Boyce took the lead on the first lap with Chris Saling of Jim Ned on his heals. This was the first race over the last two meets there was no cat and mouse; Boyce, not wanting to expend too much energy so he'd have something left for his 1,600m race later in the evening still decided to lead early. However, in order for him to have a shot at the distance triple, he'd have to first win the 800m.

Boyce and Saling stayed tightly packed until the last 100m. Boyce hesitantly broke  away in the last 100m to win the gold with time of 1:54.71. Sailing sped through in the  second position with the time of 1:56.16. Valley View's Obi Landeros wasn't too far behind in 1:58.16

William Boyce 1:54.71

Chris Saling 1:56.48

Obi Landeros 1:58.16