Reese Vannerson Breaks UIL State Meet 3200m Record At 8:49.1

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Boys 3200m

With a 62 second first lap Reese Vannerson, a senior from Strake Jesuit was in the lead and the state champion from last year Kevin Sanchez Austin Vandegrift, a senior from Austin Vandegrift was running in 4th place.

At the half mile Vannerson was in first place with a 2:09.02, Jack Boyd  a senior from Klein Oak was running in 2nd and Sanchez rounded out the top three.

At the 1K mark, the three guys Vannerson, Sanchez and Boyd maintained their trio run coming in around the 2:42 mark.

Halfway through, Vannerson was at 4:24.49 and Sanchez moved into second place at 4:24.69 and Boyd moved down to third at 4:24.81. The Southlake Carroll boys Jude Alvarez and Caden Leonard were lurking around in 4th and 5th place.

Running 5:32 through 2K were the same trio of Vannerson, Sanchez and Boyd not looking to relinquish their hold on this race. Sanchez tried to take the lead at 2600m but Vannerson held him off. 

Vannerson and Sanchez pulled away from Boyd at the bell lap running side by side but Vannerson quickly responded to the threat from Sanchez and put 5-10m of  separation between them with Luis Pastor, a senior from El Paso Coronado joining the fray and decided to make his move.

With 200m to go Vannerson expanded his lead and came across as the new 6A conference record holder and the new over UIL state record holder with a time of 8:49.10. Sanchez captured the silver with a time of 8:56.38 and Pastor received the bronze with a time of 8:57.35.