Texas Boys 2023 Cross Country All-State Teams

The 2023 cross country season is about to have the bow put on it and wrapped up. There are only three races left nation wide with RunningLane and NXN this upcoming weekend and Foot Locker the following weekend.

Therefore, we have our boys all-state teams lined up and ready to roll out. There are so many runners in the state of Texas as well as several leagues to go through.

Sometimes we have the benefit of head-to-head matchups to give some insight of who the best runners are and other times we do not. Varying course distances and types also cause for deeper analyzation.

Below we have the all-state teams lined up by three overall all-state teams and three honorable mention teams. These lists are comprised by runners of each league and then we divide them up between the private schools and each UIL classification.

Boys All-State 1st Team

1. Ethan Gonzalez (North Richland Hills)

2. Caden Leonard (Southlake Carroll)

3. Hudson Haley (Austin Vandegrift)

4. Benjamin Montgomery (Cypress Bridgeland)

5. Danny Aidan Torres (El Paso Eastwood)

6. Andruw Villa (Abilene)

7. Blake Bullard (Southlake Carroll)

Boys All-State 2nd Team

8. Aleksandr Acuna (Denton Braswell)

9. Angel Sanchez (Fort Worth Diamond Hills-Jarvis)

10. Alexander Niemiec (Canyon)

11. Noah Strohman (Holliday)

12. Jude Alvarez (Southlake Carroll)

13. Caden Thurman (Wolfe City)

14. Toby Eaton (Mansfield Legacy)

Boys All-State 3rd Team

15. Edwin Rotich (Leander Rouse)

16.  Sam Golla (League City Clear Lake)

17. James Butler (Del Valle)

18. Matthew Engle (El Paso Franklin)

19. Gavin Chapa (San Antonio Reagan)

20. Farrin Mangelson (Patriots Homeschool)

21. Dylan Schieffelin (Austin Vandegrift)

Honorable Mention 1

Zach Troutman (Southlake Carroll)

Manuel Vela (Cypress Springs) 

Renne Cooper (Austin Brentwood Christian Academy)

Neeraj Kulkarni (Frisco Lebanon Trail)

Caleb Millard (McKinney Boyd)

Joaquin De La Cruz (McKinney Boyd)

Nolan House (Georgetown)

Honorable Mention 2

Marcelo Parra (San Antonio TMI)

Camden Gibson (The Woodlands College Park)

Ryan Fernandez (Canyon)

Armando Morales (La Feria)

Anthony Morales (La Feria)

Honorable Mention 3

Diego Romero (El Paso Americas)

Max Miller (Prosper)

Matthias Peterson (Northwest Nelson)

Ellis Eserman (Denton Guyer)

Joseph Wienen (Georgetown)

Judah Alexander-Macias (Frisco Memorial)

Private School All-State

1. Farrin Mangelson (Patriots Homeschool)

2. Renne Cooper (Austin Brentwood Christian Academy)

3. Marcelo Parra (San Antonio TMI)

4. Sam Marino (Houston Episcopal)

5. James Boutte Jr. (Houston Christian)

6. Marcus Gaitan (Houston Lutheran South)

7. Todd Worth (San Antonio Antonian)

8. Adrian Rule (San Antonio Christian)

9. Franco Parra (San Antonio TMI)

10. Noah Williams (Houston St. Pius X)

11. Luke Dial (Austin St. Andrews Episcopal)

12. Matthew Gaitan (Houston Lutheran South)

13. Rohan Takkar (The Village Houston)

14. Aditya Pakal (John Cooper)

15. Reed Robinson (Austin St. Andrews Episcopal)

16. Will Pacey (Houston Episcopal)

17. Raja Mehendale (St. Marks)

18. Wells Peterson (San Antonio TMI)

19. Andrew Wasserman (Houston St. Johns)

20. Wyatt Johnson (Houston St. Thomas)

21. Andrew Rivas (SA Central Catholic)

UIL 6A All-State

1. Caden Leonard (Southlake Carroll)

2. Hudson Haley (Austin Vandegrift)

3. Benjamin Montgomery (Cypress Bridgeland)

4. Danny Aidan Torres (El Paso Eastwood)

5. Blake Bullard (Southlake Carroll)

6. Aleksandr Acuna (Denton Braswell)

7. Jude Alvarez (Southlake Carroll)

8. Toby Eaton (Mansfield Legacy)

9. Sam Golla (League City Clear Lake)

10. James Butler (Del Valle)

11. Matthew Engle (El Paso Franklin)

12. Gavin Chapa (San Antonio Reagan)

13. Dylan Schieffelin (Austin Vandegrift)

14. Zach Troutman (Southlake Carroll)

UIL 5A All State

1. Ethan Gonzalez (North Richland Hills)

2. Andruw Villa (Abilene)

3. Edwin Rotich (Leander Rouse)

4. Neeraj Kulkarni (Frisco Lebanon Trail)

5. Nolan House (Georgetown)

6. Joseph Wienen (Georgetown)

7. Judah Alexander-Macias (Frisco Memorial)

8. Caden Gary (Lucas Lovejoy)

9. Logan Tauch (Melissa)

10. Zade Kayyali (Friendswood)

11. Tyler Westrom (Argyle)

12. Aidan Fitzgerald (Friendswood)

13. Nick Yared (Lucas Lovejoy)

14. Miles Westbrook (El Paso)

UIL 4A All-State

1. Angel Sanchez (Fort Worth Diamond Hills-Jarvis)

2. Alexander Niemiec (Canyon)

3. Bryce Denton (Anna)

4. Ryan Fernandez (Canyon)

5. Lathan Lewter (Canyon)

6. Armando Morales (La Feria)

7. Anthony Morales (La Feria)

8. Nathan Salinas (La Feria)

9. Kenny Bibb (Anna)

10. Victor Aviles (Burnet)

11. Angel Maese (San Elizario)

12. Julian Guerra (San Elizario)

13. Luke Anderson (Salado)

14. Connor Graves (Hudson)

UIL 3A All-State

1. Noah Strohman (Holliday)

2. Chris Kopecky (East Bernard)

3. Benjamin Castro (McGregor

4. Carlos Jose Cortez (Troy)

5. Samuel Bryan (Tuscola Jim Ned)

6. Kenny Pritdhard (Tuscola Jim Ned)

7. Ryan Porte (Eustace) 

8. Gary Custer (Hebbronville)

9. Isai Moran (Great Hearts Northern Oaks)

10. Ryder Strohman (Holliday) 

11. Miguel Silva-Hernandez (Luling)

12. Jeysen Alvarez (Crane)

13. Benjamin Alcott (Great Hearts Northern Oaks)

14. Josh Howard (Randolph)

UIL 2A All-State

1. Caden Thurman (Wolfe City)

2. Marco Cunningham (Waco Meyer

3. Taylor Warrick (Stockdale)

4. Misael Hernandez (Tenaha)

5. Andres Landaverde (Corrigan-Camden)

6. Dwight Don Juan (Quana)

7. Sawyer Hamilton (Plains)

8. Jeremiah Gonzales (Plains)

9. William Carlough (Port Aransas)

10. Wetera Schlachter (Boys Ranch)

11. Julian Rodriguez (Big Lake Reagan County)

12. Shane Stawar (Port Aransas)

13. Cooper Warrick (Stockdale)

14. Adrian Ramirez (Tehaha)

UIL 1A All-State

1. Sebastian Talamantez (Comstock)

2. Ryker Haivala (Cumby Miller Grove)

3. Jose Ventura (Lasara)

4. Landon Cobb (Graford)

5. Christian Gonzalez (Sulphur Buff)

6. Austin Magness (Paint Rock)

7. Wiley Gaskins (Sands School)

8. Cole Fenhaus (Fayetteville)

9. Isaac Renteria (Bowe Gold-Burg)

10. Brandon Timms (Tilden McMullen County 

11. Sean Stanaland (Jayton)

12. Cam Arendall (Wellman-Union)

13. Joshua Garvin (Slidell)

14. Brance Ferguson (Slidell)