Q & A With Texas Shot Put Leader Bryce Foster - The Mountain

Bryce Foster poses with the scoreboard after his AAU winning throw and PR

Shot put and discus Bryce Foster is a big deal. However, he isn't just a big deal in track and field; Foster is a 5 star offensive line man and one of the top recruits in the country.

The Katy Taylor junior is no stranger to the UIL state track and field meet. He is currently the top shot putter in Texas and No. 3 nationally and he is No. 2 in Texas as well as nationally in the discus behind Klein Forest's Maurice Westmoreland.

Texas MileSplit Q & A with Bryce Foster:

198-00 / 61-07.75 in February, and you're only a junior! How does that feel to start the season?

I'm starting to get out of a little slump for shot, but my disc has been going really well! I'm excited to see what I can end up hitting at the end of the year, but I think I've started out pretty decent.

The state record in the discus is 215-02 - is this mark on your radar since you have almost two full seasons to reach it?

Every record is on my mind. I came into high school with a goal to beat as many records as I can. The state record is definitely coming within reach, and that'll be a goal for me until I can beat it, then maybe the national record.

As far as college, are you looking to compete in both football and track?

My goal is to do both in college. My crazy dream is in the year 2024 to get drafted in the NFL and go to the Olympics in Paris.

You're Twitter account states 6' 5", 320 pounds - how has Track & Field helped your ability to play the line?

It has really helped me become a more explosive athlete. It's also helped me with body control and balance. 

What's your proudest moment in track & field so far?

My proudest moment has to be from the summer after my freshman year when I got my national record. [Freshman shot put record.] That was a crazy moment that I'll never forget.

Bryce Foster Stats

Discus and Shot Put: Critique yourself in both throws --> strengths and areas of improvement?

I think my one of my main strengths in both, shot and disc, is just my strength in general. I think my explosiveness is also one of my strengths. My timing and consistency do need some work for sure, but I'm fixing some problems in my footwork so I can start hitting massive throws.

What do you enjoy away from sports?

I'm a big video game guy. My brother and I play games with each other quite often. It can get competitive, and I have a competitive spirit. 

Do you have a ritual or superstition the night prior to or the day of a track meet, like having to eat a certain meal or wear a special pair of socks, etc.?

I always have to eat kolaches as my breakfast with a chocolate milk. I listen to the same playlist before every meet. I have the same routine in the circle that I do every time before I throw. 

What are your goals for this year in track & field?

My goal is to get the state record in discus this year, and in shot I want to get my school record (68-06).

What is something that few people know about you, like you're an accomplished saxophonist, etc.?

I can cook a killer breakfast. A nice 3-egg omelet with some sausage, bacon, cheese, and some bell peppers. 

Have you verbally committed to a college? If so, which; if not, which are you seriously considering?

I have not committed anywhere yet, but my Top 5 are Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M, and LSU.

Your Twitter handle is The Mountain: are you a Game of Thrones (GOT) fan, and what is it about this character that attracts you to him?

I haven't really seen GOT except for 1 episode, but when I went to this football camp called the "Rivals 5 Star Challenge," people started calling me The Mountain from GOT, and the nickname just stuck. I think it might have stuck because of how strong I am and how large I am.

You're in charge of Texas Track & Field - what changes do you make to improve the sport?

I think there should be more opportunities for all the top-tier runners and throwers to go against each other. More than just Texas Relays and State. I also think at a meet like that the guys could get more exposure if there was more media coverage.