Bryce Douglas Commits To Oklahoma As Track Season Kicks Off!

Bryce Douglas running the 60mH at Texas A&M Indoor Classic Photo By: Travis Miller

Bryce Douglas is a senior at Allen high school. Just the other day he committed to run at the University of Oklahoma. Last year at the state meet Douglas finished sixth in both the 110mH (14.06) and 300mH (38.33). This season Douglass looks to not only make it back to the state meet but win it all. So far he's already run two indoor meets dropping a U.S. #8 7.95 at the Carl Lewis Invite. We caught up with the senior to find out more about his goals for the season. 

Texas MileSplit: How long had you been thinking about the decision, and what made you finally decide on the University of Oklahoma? What were some of your other top schools?

Bryce Douglas: I had been thinking about it for awhile now I wanted to kind of get it out of the way so I could focus on the season and finishing out school.

Texas MileSplit: Will you still be playing football as well? 

Bryce Douglas: I don't think I will be playing football but is not completely off the table
Texas MileSplit: What do you plan on majoring in?

Bryce DouglasI plan on majoring in computer science

Texas MileSplit: What are some of your goals for this track season? Anything big in particular after finishing 6th last year in both hurdle races? 

Bryce DouglasI'd like to break into the 13s for the 110s and try and get into the 36s for the 300m hurdles and major goal id like to achieve is make to and win state in both hurdles.

Texas MileSplit: If you had to pick a highlight moment of your high school career to date, what would that be?

Bryce Douglas: A highlight of my high school career would have to be going to state last year it was an awesome experience.

Texas MileSplit: How was it running the indoor meets you ran over the past few months? Has it helped you prepare for outdoor? 

Bryce Douglas: The indoor meets were great didn't have as many as I wanted to but I had a lot of fun competing I them. Indoor helped keep me in shape through the winter instead of just laying around like I usually do in my spare time.

Texas MileSplit: Can you give some bold predictions for your upcoming track season?

Bryce Douglas:
Bold predictions
Allens 4x4 will go to state
I will break 36 in the 300s
I will break 13 in the 110s

Fun Questions
Texas MileSplit: Favorite pro athlete (any sport), and why?

Bryce DouglasMy favorite pro athlete would have to be Floyd Mayweather. I chose him because I like what he does as an athlete and how he goes about doing it.

Texas MileSplit: Favorite pre and post race food? Do you have any pre-race/post-race rituals?

Bryce Douglas: I really don't my diet is actually horrible I don't eat what I'm supposed to when I really should. I'll eat candy burgers or anything before a race it just really doesn't affect me.

Texas MileSplit: The Quan or the Nae Nae?

Bryce Douglas: I'm not coordinated enough to do either.

Texas MileSplitIf you were an animal what kind of animal would you be and why?

Bryce Douglas: I'd be a hamster because why not.

BOYS 60 HURDLES FINALS SECTION 2 Texas A&M High School Indoor Classic 

Bryce Douglas After 60m H Finals