Turkey Valley And Klondike Collect 1A Boys Relay Titles

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4x100m Relay

With their eyes set on the finish line, Cross Plains got things out to a quick start with the lead.

They led at the first exchange followed right behind by Paducah and Turkey Valley.

Rankin challenged both teams with the inside lane and was a contender all the the war through.

With just the final straightaway remaining, Cross Plains maintained a slight lead but they were  met with Turkey Valley. After a long review, Turkey Valley was crowned the champions, beating out Cross Plains by .003 seconds. They crossed the finish line in 43.037 seconds. Cross Plains was side by side with a time of 43.040.

Paducah made a strong effort in the final leg to cross the line in third place with a time of 43.29 seconds.

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4x200m Relay

Paducah won the 4x200 meter relay a year ago and even set the class 1A record with a time of 1:29.41. However, they were met with some faster teams this year. Turkey Valley turned in the fastest time from regionals with a time of 1:29.28 and that time as them at number one in 1A up to this point. Paducah comes in with the second fastest time so this should be a fantastic race.

Out strong on the first leg in lane five was Abbott, but Turkey Valley was looking strong with a first leg time of 22.09. Lane seven Cross Plains powering down the homestretch and handing off first with Turkey Valley right there with them.

Cross Plains with a good sized lead getting ready for the exchange, with Turkey Valley trying to hunt them down and don't count out Paducah looking strong as well. But it's Turkey Valley making the exchange first and heading for home to win the gold medal but just outside the state record with a time of 1:29.68.

Paducah finished in second place with a time of 1:30.55 and the team from Cross Plains finished in third place for the bronze medal with a time of 1:30.78.

Turkey Valley won the 4x100 and 4x200 relays

Photo Credit: Chance Kirby - MileSplit TX

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4x400m Relay

Conference record is held by Turkey Valley with a time of 3:25.49. The fastest time coming into the UIL State Championship today was held by Cross Plains with a time of 3:29.79 from their regional meet.

Cross Plains putting in the work early and looking strong out of the gate, also looking good in lane two Garden City. Cross Plain and Happy running side by side coming down the homestretch with Happy passing the baton first. Rankin looking good in lane one at the second exchange.

Happy, Cross Plains, and Rankin running as your top three in this leg but Lamesa Klondike makes a move and joins the party. Klondike makes the first exchange followed by Cross Plains. Two hundred meters into this leg of the race and Cross Plains takes back the lead. Not to be outdone, with 50m to go, Klondike wants it back and takes it to make the exchange first.

They were neck and neck on this leg. Cross Plains goes wide down the homestretch hoping to overtake Klondike but that was not to be as Lamesa Klondike holds on to cross first and win the gold medal with a time of 3:27.10, followed by Cross Plains with a time of 3:28.04 and for the bronze medal Garden City comes in with a time of 3:29.60.

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Klondike and Cross Plains were battling in the 4x400 relay

Photo Credit: Chance Kirby - MileSplit TX