Jesuit XC Classic 2021

Oak Point, TX

Athlete Entries

3200 M 528 entries

Athlete Seed Team
White, Mary Elizabeth Highland Park Dallas MS
Scisinger, Blake Crandall
Rivers, Alex Legacy Christian Academy
Bedoya, Cristian International Leadership of Texa
Daugbjerg, Faye Highland Park Dallas MS
O'Quinn, John Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
King, Riley Bobby Summers Middle School
Okoro, Emmanuel International Leadership of Texa
Zaher, Ali Lakehill Middle School
Wolff, Catherine Dallas International MS
Gurganus, Anna Highland Park Dallas MS
Surafel, Nardos International Leadership of Texa
Peck, Penelope Highland Park Dallas MS
Abilogun, Charisse Dallas Covenant Middle School
, Anna
Wyatt, Tatum Highland Park Dallas MS
McNeely, Ireland Crandall
Banks, Noah International Leadership of Texa
Robinson, Presli Highland Park Dallas MS
Wagner, Andrew Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
, Brown Middle School
Solomon, Kidus International Leadership of Texa
Wan, Jason Lakehill Middle School
Hart, Amelie Highland Park Dallas MS
Bustamante, Daniel Founders Classical Academy of Le
Trigueros, Sophia International Leadership of Texa
Johnson, Isaac THESA Riders
Ragan, Campbell Highland Park Dallas MS
Brecheen, Alessandra Dallas Covenant Middle School
Zhuang, Jacqueline Highland Park Dallas MS
Fulton, Emma Crandall
Marande, Pauline Dallas International HS
Carrillo, Douglass International Leadership of Texa
Boulanger, Baptiste Dallas International MS
Allison, Aubrey Highland Park Dallas MS
Vieth, Chanel Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Bushboom, Grant Home School Athletic Association
Berumen, Gabriela International Leadership of Texa
Nikolic, Abbey Lakehill Middle School
Irvine, Camille Highland Park Dallas MS
Valentine, Raven International Leadership of Texa
Nowell, Samuel THESA Riders
Reddy, Parineeta Highland Park Dallas MS
Perkins, Reese Dallas Covenant Middle School
Neumann, Hallie Highland Park Dallas MS
de la Torre, Gabriel Greenhill
Castillo, Ivann International Leadership of Texa
Brooks, Kennedy Highland Park Dallas MS
Wagner, Ava Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Blackshear, Scarlet International Leadership of Texa
Levy, Aviva Highland Park Dallas MS
Hardin, Adin Highland Park Dallas MS
Rosamond, Lily Highland Park Dallas MS
Bates, Juliette Anna
Ford, Danielle Wilmer Hutchins
Wu, Ian Greenhill
Hascoe, Joshua Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Diaz, Christian International Leadership of Texa
Chantilis, Ashley Highland Park Dallas MS
Anderson, Izabella Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Saenz, Joy Home School Athletic Association
CapaChichi, Stella International Leadership of Texa
Makris, Thalia Highland Park Dallas MS
Schulte, Mary Highland Park Dallas MS
Sanders, Shanell Wilmer Hutchins
Bhoria, Aanya Greenhill
Mallat, Sierra Highland Park Dallas MS
Robison, John Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Blouse, Gabe Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Getachew, Ezra International Leadership of Texa
Chong, Elizabeth Highland Park Dallas MS
Paape, Malia Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Christiansen, Abigail Home School Athletic Association
Finely, Sofina International Leadership of Texa
Cottrell, Aislin THESA Riders
Mann, Eisley Highland Park Dallas MS
Carter, Gabrielle Dallas Covenant Middle School
Hernandez, Evelyn Bobby Summers Middle School
Cole, Ashley International Leadership of Texa
Lugo, Nate Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Struthers, Julia Highland Park Dallas MS
Lanzillotta, Sophie Greenhill
Cherrez, Lilian Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Owen, Morgan Highland Park Dallas MS
Cassels, Landyn Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Hernandez, Ivan International Leadership of Texa
Crist, Max Lakehill Middle School
Jacquemet Ross, Lucien Dallas International MS
Deadman, Olivia Highland Park Dallas MS
Flage, Glory Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Carey, Marvin Bobby Summers Middle School
Marsaw, Chloe Kingdom Collegiate Academy
Sunna, Sorette Home School Athletic Association
Garza, Evie International Leadership of Texa
Claghorn, Jael THESA Riders
McNulty, Gabriella Highland Park Dallas MS
Crutchfield, Jasmine International Leadership of Texa
Chapman, Cayden Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Thomason, Georgina Highland Park Dallas MS
Bhatia, Isabel Greenhill
Thropp, Ava Highland Park Dallas MS
Fu, Christopher Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Lugo, Felipe International Leadership of Texa
Byrd, Connor Lakehill Middle School
Aarts, Adrien Dallas International MS
Denton, Natalie Highland Park Dallas MS
Moore, Zara Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Flowers, Addyson Kingdom Collegiate Academy
Vega, Aureliano Founders Classical Academy of Le
Shipley, Amelia Home School Athletic Association
Maldonado, Ldalia International Leadership of Texa
Leonesio, Ally THESA Riders
Miller, Taylor Highland Park Dallas MS
Coley, Everly Dallas Covenant Middle School
Resnick, Mia Founders Classical Academy of Le
Lowry, Bradyn Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Villasana, Alejandra Highland Park Dallas MS
Barns-Balda, Andres Crandall
Jackson, Gavin Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Micale, Ryan International Leadership of Texa
Boland, Bennett Lakehill Middle School
Del Porto, Isabelle Dallas International MS
Ferrell, Madison Highland Park Dallas MS
Walker, Rylee Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Salazar, Ashley International Leadership of Texa
O'Grady, Mary Highland Park Dallas MS
Thomas, Chloe Dallas Covenant Middle School
Arthur, Lila Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Malinowski, Jack Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Nguyen, Mihn International Leadership of Texa
Kurian, Noah Lakehill Middle School
Vermenouze, Rachel Dallas International MS
Gillis, Caroline Highland Park Dallas MS
DelCid, Nikolas Founders Classical Academy of Le
Silvia, Jacqueline International Leadership of Texa
Paulsen, Emery Highland Park Dallas MS
Newsome, Naomi Dallas Covenant Middle School
Wilson, Olivia Highland Park Dallas MS
Rivers, Ryan Legacy Christian Academy
Arteaga, Jacob International Leadership of Texa
Moss, Bailey Highland Park Dallas MS
Saltarelli, Michael Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Rollins, Jalen Bobby Summers Middle School
Tims, Ainsley Kennedale Fellowship Academy Mid
Solis, Marco International Leadership of Texa
Keith, Miles Dallas Academy
Melton, Cam Lakehill Middle School
Hamilton, Hallie Highland Park Dallas MS
Gorman, Allisyn Bobby Summers Middle School
Tejado, Camilia International Leadership of Texa
Zachary, Caleb THESA Riders
Peters, Anne Louise Highland Park Dallas MS
Thomas, Mia Dallas Covenant Middle School
Zarubiak, Jacqueline Highland Park Dallas MS
Teal, Ava Crandall
Carrasco, Carlos International Leadership of Texa
Aldrich, Georgia Highland Park Dallas MS
Skariah, Mikhail Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Winkler, Mace Home School Athletic Association
Aguilar, Delores International Leadership of Texa
Crum, Caroline Lakehill Middle School
Hegi, Mary Katherine Highland Park Dallas MS
Rouse, Sierra Bobby Summers Middle School
Salvatorie, Dominic Founders Classical Academy of Le
Turner, Kensey International Leadership of Texa
D'Avila, Ethan THESA Riders
Reardon, Riley Highland Park Dallas MS
Smith, Charleston Dallas Covenant Middle School
Carle, Naomi Anna
Grellner, Nora Highland Park Dallas MS
Nava, Sofia Crandall
Castillo, Edvardo International Leadership of Texa
Brewer, Natalie Highland Park Dallas MS
Laperi, Grace Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Blackshear, Faith International Leadership of Texa
Rabon, Grace Lakehill Middle School
Kell, Zoe Highland Park Dallas MS
Vidales, Daniela International Leadership of Texa
Nowell, Annabelle THESA Riders
Rice, Jayne Highland Park Dallas MS
Graham, Margaret Dallas Covenant Middle School
Hahn, Marissa Anna
Madlangbayan, Rylee Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Edwards, Ethan Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Pierce-Kondratowitch, Rebeca Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Jain, Ayan Greenhill
Smith, Marlena Dallas Shelton
Castro, Zack International Leadership of Texa
Brown, Margaret Highland Park Dallas MS
Gurley, Arden Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Stacey, Luke Bobby Summers Middle School
Castillo, Jozette International Leadership of Texa
Liu, Serena Highland Park Dallas MS
Frye, Alyssa Bobby Summers Middle School
Schmidt, Kaylee Highland Park Dallas MS
Angel, Coit Wilmer Hutchins
Kuang, Aaron Greenhill
Moffitt, Connor Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Diaz, Xavier International Leadership of Texa
Chantilis, Caroline Highland Park Dallas MS
Mosley, Tessa Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
, Founders Classical Academy of Le
Cobbs, Caroline Home School Athletic Association
Esmeralda, Allison International Leadership of Texa
Jeffrey, Abi THESA Riders
Malone, Emory Highland Park Dallas MS
Garcia, Alexis Bobby Summers Middle School
Avalos, Lana International Leadership of Texa
Sneider Alvarez, Mila Highland Park Dallas MS
Sanders, Taliyah Wilmer Hutchins
Smith, Lillian Greenhill
Mei, Timothy Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Raymond, Dakota Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Gomez, Ethan International Leadership of Texa
Dickerson, Jason Lakehill Middle School
Pinto, Filipe Dallas International MS
Clancy, Virginia Highland Park Dallas MS
Iacovacci, Rhema Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Graham, Clare Home School Athletic Association
Garza, Eden International Leadership of Texa
Milligan, Scout THESA Riders
McCombs, Jenna Highland Park Dallas MS
Ramirez, Ariel International Leadership of Texa
Walker, Joseph Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Sturdivant, Leigh Highland Park Dallas MS
Sachdeva, Soraya Greenhill
Pate, Presley Highland Park Dallas MS
Harsila, Brooks Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Stumm, Lukas Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Lazo, Mariano International Leadership of Texa
Henegar, Jax Lakehill Middle School
Boulanger, Thomas Dallas International MS
Deeken, Claire Highland Park Dallas MS
Brewer, Kennedy Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Montoya, Mariano Bobby Summers Middle School
Locke, Jordyn Kingdom Collegiate Academy
Pettit, Bliss Home School Athletic Association
Guerrero, Vannessa International Leadership of Texa
McDermett, Naomi THESA Riders
Merkle, Caroline Highland Park Dallas MS
Thomas, Sophie Dallas Covenant Middle School
Chapin, Ephraim Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Tillery, Kamryn Highland Park Dallas MS
Willis, Gavin Crandall
Yohannan, Noah Legacy Christian Academy
Hellberg, Graham Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
O'Keefe, Lorkan Bobby Summers Middle School
Martin, Rodrigo International Leadership of Texa
Chytil, Adrian Lakehill Middle School
Cojocaru, Vivian Dallas International MS
Dykes, Ally Highland Park Dallas MS
Miller, McKenna Prestonwood Christian Middle Sch
Hayes, Daniel Bobby Summers Middle School
Morales, Maria International Leadership of Texa
Mufraggi, Leia Highland Park Dallas MS
Larson, Lucy Dallas Covenant Middle School
Quinones, Brody Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Wagner, Ainsley Highland Park Dallas MS
Thompson, Cole Crandall
Amerson, Brady 11:42.72 Home School Athletic Association
Fournet, Beck 11:48.75 Home School Athletic Association
Bradford, Charlton 11:58.90 Highland Park Dallas MS
Heckler, Madeline 12:06.13 Highland Park Dallas MS
Hall, Luke 12:08.18 Highland Park Dallas MS
Davis, Sophie 12:08.22 Dallas Covenant
Wakefield, Callie 12:16.20 Dallas Shelton
Junk, Avery 12:26.00 Denton Calvary Christian
Reese, Carter 12:32.16 Highland Park Dallas MS
Haag, Spencer 12:32.69 Highland Park Dallas MS
Averitt, Charlie 12:36.62 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Hicks, Damien 12:39.59 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Sexton, Charlie 12:40.27 Crandall
Miller, Stone 12:40.98 Bobby Summers Middle School
Thomason, Luke 12:41.40 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Quintanilla, Sarah 12:42.10 Denton Calvary Christian
Seedorf, Jaxen 12:44.43 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Jenkins, Noah 12:47.81 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Walker, Gibson 12:50.85 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Van Zanten, Isabelle 13:00.69 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Rivera, Eliana 13:00.85 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Nowell, Brayden 13:01.90 Home School Athletic Association
Stewart, Angel 13:03.00 Denton Calvary Christian
Papen, Graysen 13:11.00 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Smith, Trotter 13:12.68 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Hooks, Carson 13:12.89 Highland Park Dallas MS
Egger, Emmeline 13:13.43 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Thomas, Patrick 13:13.50 Plano West
Gray, Hayden 13:13.80 Highland Park Dallas MS
Gerhauser, William 13:15.42 Highland Park Dallas MS
Shah, Akash 13:17.43 Highland Park Dallas MS
Voller, Brielle 13:18.55 Denton Calvary Christian
Trowbridge, Catherine 13:20.52 Highland Park Dallas MS
Le, Mian 13:21.23 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Garner, Sibley 13:24.59 Legacy Christian Academy
Molano, Sofia 13:26.50 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Wyatt, Jadyn 13:31.85 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Weber, Betsy 13:32.40 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Arguelles, Natalia 13:34.64 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Del Porto, Nicolas 13:35.13 Dallas International MS
Hayman, Doozer 13:41.91 Home School Athletic Association
Piedra, Victor 13:45.98 Bobby Summers Middle School
Germe, Yann 13:50.24 Dallas International MS
Sickles, Miakayla 13:50.30 International Leadership of Texa
Gibson, Chase 13:50.73 Legacy Christian Academy
Tompkins, Molly 13:50.77 Dallas Covenant
Hanna, Katherine 13:51.20 Dallas Covenant
Le, AiLien 13:54.91 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Guerra, Natalie 13:56.29 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Mosley, Lexus 13:58.17 Carrollton Ranchview
Addison, Jackson 13:59.68 Dallas International MS
Johnson, Josiah 14:00.40 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Le, Aimy 14:00.48 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Sanchez, Evan 14:01.23 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Dean, Campbell 14:01.72 Highland Park Dallas MS
Sheley, Anna 14:02.70 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Lance, Karter 14:03.25 Bobby Summers Middle School
Pattee, Elise 14:10.93 Legacy Christian Academy
Kemokai, Abigail 14:12.54 Carrollton Ranchview
Lynn, Parker 14:13.74 Highland Park Dallas MS
Schubert, Daisy 14:14.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Addison-Manning, Brilon 14:14.50 Dallas Shelton
Pope, Claire 14:16.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Landrum, Burke 14:16.07 Highland Park Dallas MS
Smith, Corey 14:18.93 Bobby Summers Middle School
Carrillo, Adriana 14:19.40 International Leadership of Texa
Baines, Abigail 14:19.47 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Tune, Caitie 14:20.34 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Prouse, Avery 14:20.97 Dallas Covenant
Combs, Kyle 14:21.08 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Blake, Cailin 14:23.12 Home School Athletic Association
Watson, Samantha 14:23.92 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Birbeck, Beatrice 14:26.19 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Ciruelos, Ian 14:27.92 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Carter, Sydney 14:29.58 Dallas Shelton
Drysdale, Owen 14:31.30 Highland Park Dallas MS
Ragan, McKenna 14:33.20 Denton Calvary Christian
Hamilton, Charles 14:35.90 Highland Park Dallas MS
Espinosa, Noah 14:36.68 Kennedale Fellowship Academy Mid
Bearden, Hailey 14:37.51 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Cerna, Jantzen 14:39.64 Crandall
Grimes, Emily 14:39.93 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Chandler, John 14:40.04 Highland Park Dallas MS
Blair, Carson 14:41.11 Bobby Summers Middle School
Mullikin, Owen 14:42.36 Highland Park Dallas MS
Johnson, Noah 14:42.68 THESA Riders
Leonesio, Toby 14:44.46 THESA Riders
Nelson, Sam 14:44.54 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Hanna, Catelyn 14:44.71 Anna
Manikandan, Sivan 14:45.54 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Barbier, Morgane 14:46.49 Dallas International HS
Watson, Victoria 14:48.13 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Odums, Micah 14:48.40 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Wittorf, Berkley 14:49.42 Highland Park Dallas MS
Curtis, Kaden 14:50.86 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Glenn, Ezekiel 14:52.86 Bobby Summers Middle School
Vo, Xavier 14:55.26 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Woodward, Tobin 14:55.60 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Arkaifie-Barnes, Micah 15:03.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Jurgovan, William 15:05.49 Highland Park Dallas MS
Tran, Sydney 15:06.70 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Schley, Kennedy 15:07.66 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Johnson, Annika 15:07.94 Highland Park Dallas MS
Anderson, Grace 15:08.35 Home School Athletic Association
Jud, Robert 15:09.72 Highland Park Dallas MS
Calvert, Sydney 15:10.82 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Welling, Aurora 15:12.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Sablar, Tai 15:15.43 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Moxley, Kay Kay 15:15.45 Dallas Covenant
Sellers, Willow 15:18.82 Bobby Summers Middle School
Roesner, Delaney 15:19.57 Founders Classical Academy of Le
McNeil, Hannah 15:20.53 Dallas Covenant
Kepner, Cohen 15:22.06 Bobby Summers Middle School
Hossain, Samin 15:23.65 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Alfred, Caleb 15:26.76 Bobby Summers Middle School
Romney, Max 15:26.80 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Bilhan, Demir 15:29.26 Highland Park Dallas MS
Carle, Zo'el 15:30.50 Anna
Jones, Corban 15:31.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Ramirez, Alexa 15:31.26 Carrollton Ranchview
Barbaste, Tristan 15:31.55 Dallas International MS
Thatcher, Henry 15:33.39 Highland Park Dallas MS
Fessler, Caroline 15:35.64 Dallas Covenant
Tilton, Chase 15:35.71 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Trevino, Ella 15:35.74 Dallas Shelton
Mwamba, Nsanza 15:38.62 Dallas International HS
Robinson, Malakai 15:40.39 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Vermenouze, Jeanne 15:42.72 Dallas International HS
Guerra, Kathryn 15:45.42 Dallas Shelton
Wheelbarger, Henry 15:50.53 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Baumgartner, Jacob 15:51.91 Highland Park Dallas MS
Martinez, Michelle 15:52.90 International Leadership of Texa
Walker, Luna 15:53.04 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Johnson, Lucas 15:54.28 Highland Park Dallas MS
Pence, Phoenix 15:54.39 Bobby Summers Middle School
Lesko, Mickaela 15:54.93 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Barbier, Lena 15:55.45 Dallas International MS
Hernandez, Marlene 15:56.15 Anna
Scott, Emma 15:57.63 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Mizell, Anna 15:59.56 Kennedale Fellowship Academy
Unruh, Topher 16:01.03 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Gatton, Landon 16:02.27 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Vazquez, Lainey 16:02.30 Bobby Summers Middle School
Bearden, Connor 16:06.09 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Moore, Garrett 16:09.44 Highland Park Dallas MS
Kokal, Laura 16:09.80 Dallas Fairhill
Sneed, Apryl 16:10.27 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Recinos, Bryan 16:12.65 Crandall
Purnell, Thomas 16:18.31 Highland Park Dallas MS
Martins, Yasmin 16:18.69 Legacy Christian Academy
Zachary, Luke 16:19.55 THESA Riders
Peay, Nicholas 16:19.71 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Zaaroar, Kamil 16:20.59 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Garcia-Delacruz, Isabella 16:20.69 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Cherrez, Vivienne 16:20.70 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Smart, Dustin 16:20.89 Bobby Summers Middle School
Besherse, Braeden 16:22.71 Crandall
Garner, Carson 16:24.81 Bobby Summers Middle School
Pullen, Benjamin 16:25.16 Highland Park Dallas MS
Telfer, Preston 16:27.45 Highland Park Dallas MS
Campbell, Olivia 16:30.00 Dallas Covenant
Lewis, Thatcher 16:31.81 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Wheeler, Karina 16:36.98 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Crum, Samantha 16:39.28 Highland Park Dallas MS
Beardsley, Julia 16:40.50 International Leadership of Texa
Fisher, Alexander 16:41.94 Dallas International MS
Tompkins, Charlotte 16:42.80 Dallas Covenant
Colley, Ella 16:43.08 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Edwards, Jackson 16:44.36 Highland Park Dallas MS
Slater, Gabi 16:46.57 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Elberg, Nelia 16:48.10 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Coker, Landrie 16:49.74 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Hill, Rachel 16:50.31 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Blackenship, Caroline 16:51.52 Highland Park Dallas MS
McLaney, Zach 16:51.69 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Nawash, Alya 16:52.20 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Verdin, Noah 16:55.14 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Kozman, Katherine 16:57.32 Highland Park Dallas MS
Fournet, Deshi 17:00.16 Home School Athletic Association
Ahmed, Safin 17:00.50 Highland Park Dallas MS
Vargas, Anthony 17:01.14 Bobby Summers Middle School
Roel, Auturo 17:01.27 Crandall
Polanco, Andrew 17:02.02 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Brothers, Ford 17:02.21 Bobby Summers Middle School
Hutchinson, Wyatt 17:03.52 Highland Park Dallas MS
Morehouse, Gabriel 17:04.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Gaynor, Jacob 17:10.13 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Taylor, Annabelle 17:10.55 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Sheley, Erin 17:12.17 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Lang, Josiah 17:13.53 THESA Riders
Mcdoniel, Martin 17:15.01 Dallas International MS
Papen, Haitie 17:18.04 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Castillo, Melanie 17:19.16 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Scales, Miles 17:19.85 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Waid, John 17:23.19 Highland Park Dallas MS
Matatall, Jessie 17:29.11 Crandall
Caddell, Chad 17:31.10 Bobby Summers Middle School
Brown, Bessie 17:33.53 Highland Park Dallas MS
Johnson, Katlyn 17:34.50 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Duwaji, Rayan 17:40.10 Dallas International MS
Pine, Jack 17:41.59 Dallas International MS
Ybarra, Andres 17:46.31 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Johnson, Camille 17:47.84 Highland Park Dallas MS
Bryan, Alex 17:49.46 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Holder, Charlotte 17:52.19 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Creveling, Tess 17:54.00 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Rowlee, Isabella 18:05.63 Bobby Summers Middle School
Munoz, Jaxon 18:06.55 Highland Park Dallas MS
Williams, Raegan 18:15.51 Bobby Summers Middle School
Lovett, Ryley 18:23.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Castillo, Samuel 18:29.78 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Flores, Marissa 18:30.52 Bobby Summers Middle School
Hossain, Samia 18:31.85 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Duff, Robert 18:36.54 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Betancourt, Roci 18:41.43 Brown Middle School
Hill, Kyndall 18:48.61 Bobby Summers Middle School
Harshman, Coleson 18:52.90 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Guerra, Gerardo 18:58.78 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Prickett, Scarlett 18:59.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Robles, Jessica 19:00.57 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Lehnertz, Isabella 19:03.31 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Franks, Audrey 19:06.34 Highland Park Dallas MS
Donahue, Adrianna 19:09.22 Bobby Summers Middle School
Best, Julie 19:10.21 Bobby Summers Middle School
Yu, Namarie 19:12.73 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Mousa, Mary 19:13.81 Highland Park Dallas MS
Salas, Emmabella 19:16.07 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Roberts, Libby 19:18.67 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Reddic, Tiarra 19:29.49 Wilmer Hutchins
Mendez, Liliana 19:30.51 Bobby Summers Middle School
Beckham, Emily 19:47.79 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Eden, Emma 19:52.13 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Tompkins, Lewis 19:54.74 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Wood, Barrett 19:55.62 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Womack, Brayden 19:58.09 Kennedale Fellowship Academy Mid
Wolff, Garrison 20:06.21 Highland Park Dallas MS
Zetina, Drake 20:11.22 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Quinn, Abbie 20:31.22 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Miller, Gracie 20:32.09 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Ingram, Luke 20:34.52 Legacy Christian Academy
Vermenouze, Marie 20:38.07 Dallas International MS
Wilson, Ahnyla 20:47.57 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Guthery, Noah 21:00.78 Highland Park Dallas MS
Jones, Kailyn 21:03.54 Brown Middle School
Skipper, Jackson 21:05.34 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Perry, Kendall 21:21.33 St John's Episcopal Middle Schoo
Ramasriniva, Yani 21:42.23 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Jefferson, Cadence 22:08.80 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Bavry, Alexander 22:15.44 Highland Park Dallas MS
Netzer, Brooks 22:22.87 Dallas Covenant Middle School
Khan, Leena 22:26.07 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Hidalgo, JuanCarlos 23:01.53 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Arguelles, Santiago 23:14.87 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Medrano, Aliah 23:16.80 Brown Middle School
Force, Hannah 23:40.69 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Toth, Carson 23:42.31 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Ndegwa, Ruth 23:46.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Diaz, Melodie 23:56.78 Brown Middle School
Moseley, Marybeth 25:18.22 Bobby Summers Middle School
Krone, Sarenidy 25:28.74 Brown Middle School
Sharma, Maya 25:36.38 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Mueller, Katie 25:40.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Webster, Layla 25:49.30 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
Talkington, Hanna 25:49.75 Brown Middle School
Aldridge, Avery 26:32.93 Brown Middle School
Rodriguez, Klaryssa 27:23.39 Brown Middle School
Thornquist, Halle 27:23.39 Brown Middle School
Anderson, Callie 27:40.71 Crandall
Myers, Hensley 29:09.00 Arlington Classics Academy Middl
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5000 M 1667 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Graham, Meagan Prosper
Lopez, Jonathan International Leadership of Texa
Gardner, Maggie Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Gilliland, Peyton Prosper Rock Hill
Nino, Roger Dallas Adams
Martinez, Ashley Dallas White
Dekkers, Kian A&M Consolidated
Jimenez, Erik Coppell
Smith, Vincent Dallas International HS
Stiles, Gunner Little Elm
Flores, Xavier South Garland
Sines, Parker Prosper Rock Hill
Price, Abby Garland
Ortiz, Alexa South Garland
Schultz, Hunter International Leadership of Texa
Lenski, Renee Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Kandury, Chatur Prosper Rock Hill
Fulbright, Maddox Richardson Berkner
Rodriguez, Fernando Dallas Adams
Quaite, Jaylin Wilmer Hutchins
Bonilla, Daniel Garland Naaman Forest B
Hysenaj, Besnik Little Elm
Hernandez, Ariel Garland Rowlett
Turner, Helena Rockwall
Davis, Hannah Dallas Ursuline Academy
Gollan, Elizabeth Wylie High
Kasenic, Matthew Prosper Rock Hill
Knezevic, Doris Garland
Quiroz, Cynthia South Garland
Rain, Abby Dallas Ursuline Academy
Martin, Emilio International Leadership of Texa
Colley, Ella Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Seifert, Sebastian Prosper Rock Hill
Elias, John Richardson Berkner
Lara Gonzalez, Mayra Dallas White
Rivera Jaimes, Antonino Wilmer Hutchins
Odegard, Charles Dallas Jesuit
Carpenter, Chloe Little Elm
Duran, Alex Garland Rowlett
Al gburi, Mohammed Wylie High
Watson, Bridget McKinney
Daniel, David International Leadership of Texa
Polk, Lauren Prosper Rock Hill
Cloete, Courtney Richardson Pearce
Maldonado, Isabel South Garland
Johnson, Emilla International Leadership of Texa
Vargas, Kristofer Prosper Rock Hill
Brurkhart, Meredith Hockaday
Robinson, Ethan Rockwall Heath
Thornburg, Maya Richardson
Culver, Barbara A&M Consolidated
Elledge, Jacob THESA Riders
Amaya, Eric Ricardo South Garland
Egedigwe, Eniola Dallas Ursuline Academy
Cook, Lucy Dallas Wilson
Van Voorhis, Rees Prosper Rock Hill
Zaragoza, Ashley Garland
Higgs, Basia Richardson Berkner
Martinez, Karla International Leadership of Texa
Griffiths, Ryann Prosper Rock Hill
Rued, Lara Little Elm
Kolenvic, Hako Garland Rowlett
Rorke, Jacob Dallas Wilson
Bowman, Aiden Prosper
Kornegay, Kinsley A&M Consolidated
Bosse, Paul THESA Riders
Onyia, Giovanni Garland
Lybbert, Xander Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Callahan, Alexia Prosper Rock Hill
Rocha, Priscilla Garland
Garcia, Gianna Dallas Kimball
Bush, Timothy Dallas Jesuit
Campos, Lizbeth International Leadership of Texa
Demarco, Sophia Prosper Rock Hill
Martin, Evan Rockwall Heath
Derzi Da Silva Fernandez, Isabella Little Elm
Martinez, Gerardo Dallas Wilson
Huggins, Jesse Wylie High
Syed, Nisha Plano Senior HS
Leipold, Leni Dallas Wilson
Campbell, Wyatt Prosper Rock Hill
Pantoja, Stephanie Garland
Martinez, Matthew Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Serrano, Evelyn Dallas Kimball
Merlin, Oswaldo Richardson
Abate, Naomi International Leadership of Texa
De La O, Lani Prosper Rock Hill
Potluri, Varun Coppell
Hinds, Zayley Rockwall Heath
Nelson, Tyler Prosper Rock Hill
Galvan, Johanna Garland
Osorto Chavez, Alejandro Dallas White
Vergara, Valeria Dallas Kimball
Davis-Wilson, Arianna Garland Naaman Forest
Olvera, Crystal International Leadership of Texa
Maningat, Jenalee Prosper Rock Hill
Mahrous, Hamza Coppell
Kamgang, Timo Greenhill
Reynolds, Colton Garland Rowlett
Morgan, Corrine Dallas Covenant
Narayan, Salma Coppell
Walker, Jaden Garland Sachse
Fabumuyi, Oluwaseyi Wylie East
Rayo, Aileen Garland Rowlett
Luna, Micah Prosper
De La O, Gabriel Prosper Rock Hill
Guerrero, Estrella South Garland
Kong, Nhat'anh International Leadership of Texa
Miller, Lilly Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Joseph, Mark Prosper Rock Hill
Tharakan, Leah Garland
Lane, Elias Dallas Adams
Enwerekowe, Ogechi Mesquite Horn
Trevino, Jessica International Leadership of Texa
Gonzalez, Hannah Prosper Rock Hill
Chelluboina, Charishma Frisco Reedy
Rivera, Marisela South Garland
Tummuru, Himaja Coppell
Garza, Giana Wylie East
Maza, Ivanna Garland Rowlett
Powell, Ryder Prosper
King, Connor Prosper Rock Hill
Hernandez, Leslie South Garland
Salazar, Emily International Leadership of Texa
Reichardt, Kate Rockwall Heath
Toews, Ryan Garland Rowlett
Petermeier, Evan Prosper Rock Hill
Rodriguez, Natalia Garland
Martinez, Itzel South Garland
Mathison, Clare Dallas Ursuline Academy
Tarletti, Anna Prosper
Perez, Jesse International Leadership of Texa
Walsh, Mary Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Gomez, Carlos Prosper Rock Hill
Haile, Milkiyas Richardson Berkner
Hernandez, George Dallas Adams
Mays, Jakobe Wilmer Hutchins
Hughes, Flyn Dallas Jesuit
Miller-Idenoue, Kyle Richardson
Flannery, Tristan Little Elm
Keener, Raegan Rockwall Heath
Witt, Jackson Garland Rowlett
Airitam, Sarah Dallas Wilson
Brown, Zachary Prosper Rock Hill
Najar, Vanessa Garland
Delgado, Bailey South Garland
Hernandez, Juan International Leadership of Texa
Schaper, Felcity Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Montoya, Ayden Prosper Rock Hill
Silva, Juan Richardson Berkner
Reynolds, Andre Wilmer Hutchins
Jimenez, Noe Garland
Ramirez, Sebastian Garland Rowlett
Nguyen, Sydney Dallas Ursuline Academy
Moussas, Gabrielle Prosper Rock Hill
Zamarripa, Montserrat South Garland
Bidiwala, Saida Greenhill
Hegde, Diya Hockaday
Simms, Brennan Prosper Rock Hill
Flores, Abigail Plano West
Williams, Dezmond Wilmer Hutchins
Contreras, Jesse Garland Rowlett
Black, Madison A&M Consolidated
Leza, Luis South Garland
Xie, Harris Greenhill
Morris, Beckett Dallas Ursuline Academy
Teufel, Lindsey Prosper Rock Hill
Webb, Amara Garland
Martinez, Brenda International Leadership of Texa
Wu, Yutong Prosper Rock Hill
Montes, Michael Garland
Beard, Jada Hockaday
Yochum, Francesca Little Elm
Harlow, Katie Dallas Highland Park
Moss, Quinton Rockwall Heath
Brooks, Sinsir Garland Rowlett
Galicia, Katherine Richardson
Feldhousen, Logen A&M Consolidated
Abrams, Greyson THESA Riders
Jimenez, Christian Garland
Hoover, Courtney Plano Senior HS
Beebee, Eloen Dallas Wilson
Schmid, Lena Prosper Rock Hill
French, Josey Garland
Capa-chichi, Ashley International Leadership of Texa
Miller, Jazmyn Prosper Rock Hill
Lo Conte, Gaia Little Elm
Swartzendruber, Clara Dallas Highland Park
Dowling, Christian Dallas Wilson
Taylor, Connor Wylie High
Williams, Suzanne A&M Consolidated
Tewelde, Nolawi Garland
Ramnath, Zia Dallas Ursuline Academy
Gibbs, Harper Dallas Wilson
Klein, Mia Prosper Rock Hill
Hernandez, Jasmine Garland
Sanchez, Ashley Dallas Kimball
Peregrina, Naomi International Leadership of Texa
Lagarto, Nicole Prosper Rock Hill
Khan, Salman Coppell
Watson, Emma Dallas Covenant
Bellamy, Vivian Plano Senior HS
Hernandez, Kathia South Garland
Dean, LaQuadrian Dallas South Oak Cliff
Black, Avery Dallas Ursuline Academy
Duffy, Joseph Prosper Rock Hill
Miesse, Juliette Garland
Reyes, Valerie Dallas Kimball
Block, Jordyn Garland Naaman Forest
Lopez, Grecia International Leadership of Texa
Lanning, Tara Prosper Rock Hill
Jaldin, John Garland Rowlett
Boren, Alyssa Coppell
Hernandez, Carolina Dallas Ursuline Academy
Purifoy, Sasha Rockwall Heath
Valadez, Briella Garland Rowlett
Rivera, Ashley South Garland
Linton, Emma Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Wineteer, Cody Prosper Rock Hill
Garcia, Roselyn Garland
Talamantes, Alissa Dallas Kimball
Sakouhi, Julien Dallas International HS
Vo, Uyen International Leadership of Texa
Williams, Anna Prosper Rock Hill
Damer, Madison Frisco Reedy
Sherrer, Landry Coppell
Ovalle, Isabella Garland Rowlett
Dellenbach, Logan Prosper Rock Hill
Hernandez, Jaqueline South Garland
Malone, Jordan Dallas Ursuline Academy
Demeke, Joseph International Leadership of Texa
Kloser, Kaitrina Founders Classical Academy of Fl
De La O, Juan Prosper Rock Hill
Cash, Braedon Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Pool, Mikayla Richardson
Cerrato, Emilio Little Elm
Vannerson, Reese 15:03.00 Houston Strake Jesuit
Heikkinen, Hudson 15:13.25 Plano West
Johnston, Jack 15:21.28 Prosper
Mullen, Andrew 15:24.53 Coppell
Svoboda, Dawson 15:25.40 Prosper
Villalva, Alejandro 15:30.88 Mesquite Horn
Alexander-Macias, Judah 15:35.20 Leander Texas Home School
Escamilla-camargo, Jesus 15:36.69 West Mesquite
Borrego, Enrique 15:41.20 Dallas Jesuit
Morrissey, Jack 15:43.40 McKinney Boyd
Gulick, Ryan 15:47.99 Plano West
Gonzalez-Rodiles, Aiden 15:48.60 Frisco Reedy
Hudson, Tre 15:51.70 Rockwall
Peters, William 15:54.81 Dallas Covenant
Martin, Zach 15:55.16 McKinney Boyd
Spieler, Garrick 15:57.87 Frisco Reedy
Noe, Nathan 15:58.00 Houston Strake Jesuit
deMahy, Luke 15:59.00 Houston Strake Jesuit
Alcala, Jason 15:59.20 Little Elm
Heikkinen, Hogan 16:02.04 Plano West
Bush, Donovan 16:03.83 Plano East
Green, Noah 16:05.98 Allen
Fisher, Landon 16:11.00 Houston Strake Jesuit
Parks, Will 16:11.70 Plano West
Parthipan, Karthikeyan 16:14.90 Coppell
Artho, Ian 16:15.79 Plano West
Swartzenburg, Luke 16:17.00 Houston Strake Jesuit
Bhattacharyya, Vedant 16:21.29 Coppell
McWard, Eli 16:22.35 Prosper
Donald, Diego 16:25.39 Prosper
Tubbs-Jimenez, Jeffrey 16:25.55 Dallas Highland Park
Smillie, Grayson 16:25.72 McKinney Boyd
Sandifer, Omari 16:25.78 Mesquite Horn
Chengavarayan, Kavin 16:26.75 Coppell
Gonzales, Noah 16:31.00 Plano East
Holec, Kade 16:31.77 Plano West
Mccaleb, Cullen 16:34.80 Dallas Lakehill Prep
Boylan, Finn 16:36.10 Richardson Pearce
Soto, Jaxon 16:36.30 McKinney
Scott, Terry 16:39.74 Allen
Hegi, Hunter 16:40.80 Dallas Highland Park
Davenport, Benjamin 16:41.35 Richardson Pearce
Aquino, Israel 16:41.40 International Leadership of Texa
Douglas, Frank 16:41.63 Rockwall Heath
Topf, Brandon 16:43.20 A&M Consolidated
Falkstein, Sam 16:44.60 Allen
Gillispie, Kirk 16:44.65 Crandall
Toombs, Adam 16:45.36 McKinney Boyd
Martinson, Samuel 16:45.40 Coppell
Brown, Gavin 16:45.44 McKinney Boyd
Hammerle, Landon 16:45.47 McKinney Boyd
Jaudes, William 16:45.88 Dallas Highland Park
Rice, Logan 16:46.42 Dallas Covenant
Hernandez, Joshua 16:47.60 Little Elm
Nagasamudra, Tej 16:47.78 Frisco Reedy
Johnson, Jake 16:48.46 Richardson
Calo, Arrell 16:48.56 Frisco Reedy
Lindsey, William 16:49.00 Houston Strake Jesuit
Habeeb, Ashan 16:49.90 Coppell
Raney, Keaton 16:50.26 Frisco Reedy
LaPorte, Luc 16:50.31 Plano East
Akiel, Yakob 16:52.40 International Leadership of Texa
Martinez, Nicolas 16:52.60 Coppell
Floyd, Caden 16:52.83 Crandall
Bennis, Nathan 16:54.19 Plano East
Ochoa, Jose 16:55.00 Houston Strake Jesuit
Oyedipe, Remi 16:55.24 Prosper
Whitten, Jacob 16:55.71 Allen
Hiatt, Masen 16:55.80 Plano West
Fantue, Benym 16:55.90 Richardson Berkner
Martinez, Grant 16:56.41 Legacy Christian Academy
Hardin, Dylan 16:56.50 Rockwall Heath
Springer, Levi 16:57.40 Plano Senior HS
Jamison, Jackson 16:57.60 Houston Strake Jesuit
Douglas, Max 16:57.73 Rockwall Heath
DeRoussel, Carson 16:58.23 Allen
Tan, James Martin 16:58.90 Coppell
Henze, Henry 17:02.00 Coppell
Hernandez, Sebastian 17:03.50 Canyon Randall
Miller, Christopher 17:03.67 Prosper
Mcguire, Miles 17:04.60 A&M Consolidated
Espinosa, Alex 17:05.26 South Garland
Churchill-Dowd, Cameron 17:06.11 Coppell
Philbin, Mark 17:06.46 Dallas Highland Park
Parks, Matthew 17:06.80 Plano West
Millard, Caleb 17:08.08 McKinney Boyd
Fabrega, Logan 17:08.49 Plano West
Epps, Tyler 17:08.59 Prosper
Giron, Isael 17:09.74 Canyon Randall
McConnell, Cameron 17:10.00 Canyon Randall
Hawkins, Jonah 17:11.62 McKinney Boyd
Cardenas, Diego 17:12.70 A&M Consolidated
Abdi, Adam 17:12.90 Lake Highlands
Ericson, Eric 17:14.68 Legacy Christian Academy
Hernandez, Eric 17:14.77 Mesquite Horn
Williams, Chris 17:15.10 Greenhill
Aguilera, Jacob 17:17.56 McKinney Boyd
Galvan, Kevin 17:18.10 Dallas Jefferson
Ashton, Ryan 17:18.20 McKinney Boyd
McKinney, Ben 17:18.40 Dallas Jesuit
Hurley, Bryce 17:18.88 Wylie East
Kinniburgh, James 17:19.00 Rockwall
Henry, Griffin 17:19.25 McKinney Boyd
Goode, Jack 17:19.40 Allen
Harms, Hayden 17:20.30 Canyon Randall
Janeev, Jeevan 17:22.00 Coppell
Newshouse, Thomas 17:23.70 McKinney Boyd
Wallace, John 17:24.10 Allen
Johnson, Shewaye 17:24.63 Prosper
Thornton, Charlie 17:25.30 Dallas Jesuit
Parulian, Nathan 17:25.60 A&M Consolidated
Harden, Triston 17:26.77 Frisco Reedy
Marom, Yuval 17:29.05 Frisco Centennial
Cooks, Matthew 17:29.60 Dallas Kimball
Garcia, Israel 17:30.16 Garland Sachse
Thurman, Colton 17:30.69 Canyon Randall
Vinish, Krish 17:31.35 Coppell
Cox, Walker 17:31.50 Crandall
Friedman, Ajit 17:32.21 Dallas Wilson
Staiger, Nathan 17:32.98 McKinney
Ross, Chris 17:33.30 A&M Consolidated
Uskovich, Briggs 17:34.66 Dallas Jesuit
Graham, Edward 17:34.69 Dallas Covenant
Joseph, Hudson 17:34.79 Richardson Pearce
Larin, Anthony 17:35.00 Little Elm
Gyure, Brayden 17:35.09 Frisco Reedy
Campbell, Charles 17:35.10 Dallas Highland Park
Wright, Isaac 17:36.70 Dallas Covenant
Finch, Luke 17:37.10 Dallas Highland Park
Guinn, Kyler 17:37.18 Wylie East
Jordan, Evan 17:37.30 Allen
Avila, Aldo 17:37.67 Dallas Jesuit
Fanning, Spencer 17:38.00 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Janah, Adam 17:38.20 McKinney
Morrison, Chase 17:38.31 Founders Classical Academy of Le
McDonald, Ryan 17:38.54 Plano Senior HS
Stehly, Cole 17:38.60 Coppell
Betz, Jack 17:39.09 Dallas Jesuit
Aklile, Euaiel 17:39.96 Wylie High
Ottinger, Jaston 17:40.10 Canyon Randall
Gregory, Drew 17:40.56 Dallas Highland Park
Brady, Sam 17:41.03 Dallas Highland Park
Pawsat, Ike 17:41.34 Dallas Jesuit
Wancio, Austin 17:41.70 Allen
Longoria, Joan 17:42.84 Dallas Jefferson
Hogan, Amanda 17:43.16 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Dubey, Samarth 17:44.60 Coppell
Lee, Tytus 17:45.30 Rockwall
Ramirez, Alan 17:45.42 Carrollton Ranchview
Ugochukwu, Devin 17:45.60 Wylie High
Aleman, Alex 17:45.75 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Stuecheli, Adam 17:45.86 Dallas Jesuit
Vasquez, Antony 17:46.00 A&M Consolidated
Shumake, Wesley 17:46.06 Rockwall
Carter, Lucas 17:47.79 Garland Sachse
Yaffe, Jonah 17:48.00 Greenhill
Morgan, Andrew 17:49.13 Dallas Covenant
Cerrato, Sebastian 17:50.27 Little Elm
Nelson, Russell 17:50.90 McKinney
Tran, Vinh 17:51.13 Plano East
Johnson, Cameron 17:51.56 Wylie East
Zhang, Sean 17:52.18 A&M Consolidated
Geer, Benjamin 17:52.81 Wylie East
Wurster, Bryce 17:53.25 Rockwall
Ramey, Jake 17:53.62 Plano East
Alejos Garcia, Mario 17:53.64 West Mesquite
De La Cruz, Joaquin 17:53.70 McKinney Boyd
Martinez, Jorge 17:53.70 Dallas Jefferson
Trussell, Keigan 17:54.85 Wylie East
Morrison, Chase 17:55.16 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Cabrera, Julio 17:55.20 International Leadership of Texa
Fleming, Hunter 17:55.31 McKinney
Talabock, Logan 17:55.50 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Doolin, Conner 17:56.70 Wylie High
Ingle, Ravi 17:57.00 Greenhill
Hook, Josh 17:57.03 Dallas Covenant
Richter, Jake 17:57.30 Dallas Highland Park
Womack, Austin 17:58.06 Frisco Reedy
Tyler, Zane 17:58.26 Kennedale Fellowship Academy
Smith, Riken 17:58.47 Wylie High
Thomason, Noah 17:58.99 Dallas Covenant
Davila, Ben 17:59.78 McKinney
Ferguson, Caleb 18:01.20 Denton Calvary Christian
Ahuja, Ekansh 18:01.30 Plano East
Bullock, Jason 18:02.56 McKinney
Kerr, Tommy 18:03.70 Dallas Highland Park
Reyes Perez, Oscar 18:04.80 McKinney Boyd
Zerby, Brenna 18:04.98 Allen
Sousa, Matthew 18:07.03 McKinney Boyd
McCoy, Dylan 18:07.60 Lake Highlands
Crosby, Andrew 18:08.00 McKinney Boyd
Bernal, Edgar 18:08.41 Dallas Hillcrest
Sankar, Aadarsh 18:08.62 Coppell
Melwani, Arjun 18:09.00 Greenhill
Valdez, Sebastian 18:09.66 Crandall
Gonzales, Sadie 18:09.90 Prosper
Garcia, Alessandro 18:10.09 Wylie East
Mckinney, James 18:10.78 Dallas Jesuit
Minter, Parker 18:11.02 Allen
Minter, Parker 18:11.02 Allen
Rose, Zach 18:12.40 Lake Highlands
Wilson, Jase 18:12.64 Coppell
De La Torre, Victor 18:13.70 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Mann, Andrew 18:14.00 Greenhill
Tambasco, Andrew 18:14.50 McKinney Boyd
Whitfield, Russ 18:15.10 A&M Consolidated
Escamilla Camargo, Angel 18:15.38 West Mesquite
Roby, Noah 18:16.66 Lake Highlands
Stewart, Sean 18:17.18 Wylie High
Hudson, Charlotte 18:17.30 Dallas Highland Park
Hurdle, Esiah 18:17.70 Plano Senior HS
Riedner, Cole 18:17.90 Richardson Pearce
Sheely, Layne 18:18.29 Prosper
Almaguer, Francisco 18:19.50 Dallas Jesuit
Punjabi, Aryan 18:19.60 Frisco Reedy
Lang, Ethan 18:20 Canyon Randall
Carlisle, Will 18:20.31 Prosper
Harden, Ethyn 18:21.08 Frisco Reedy
Serna, Michael 18:21.31 Mesquite Horn
Rowe, Brenton 18:21.51 Mesquite Horn
Taber, Logan 18:21.81 Wylie East
Garr, Stephen 18:22.00 THESA Riders
Castro, Cuauhtemoc 18:22.31 Dallas Wilson
Castro, Cuauhtemoc 18:22.31 Dallas Wilson
Rea, Jovanni 18:23.10 Richardson
Pawsat, Brody 18:23.55 Dallas Jesuit
Bush, Ammon 18:23.59 Wylie High
Clark, Ian 18:25.60 McKinney Boyd
Gallo, Harrison 18:25.98 Allen
Korte, Kalder 18:26.20 Dallas Highland Park
Martinez, Christopher 18:28.70 Garland Rowlett
Baumgarten, Charlie 18:29.05 Lake Highlands
Arthur, Andrew 18:29.30 A&M Consolidated
Perkins, Thomas 18:29.40 Lake Highlands
Sanchez, Sierra 18:29.96 Canyon Randall
Meyer, Ellis 18:30.40 Dallas Lakehill Prep
Guillen, Gabriel 18:30.90 A&M Consolidated
Stringer, Logan 18:32.00 Frisco Reedy
Gasko, Aviel 18:32.19 Dallas Wilson
De La Cruz, Diego 18:32.20 Canyon Randall
Robinson, Kai 18:32.22 Dallas Episcopal
Kelly, Joey 18:32.49 Garland Sachse
Larson, Brian 18:32.60 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Warner, Jackson 18:32.66 Richardson Pearce
Goble, Seth 18:33.40 A&M Consolidated
Cavey, Sara 18:33.40 Dallas Highland Park
Logan, Gabriel 18:33.50 Prosper
Jeffery, Kamron 18:34.18 McKinney Boyd
Schmidt, Victoria 18:34.80 Dallas Episcopal
Hyatt, Luke 18:35.40 Rockwall Heath
Wilson, Silas 18:35.70 McKinney
Lamberson, Drew 18:35.80 Dallas Jesuit
Beyer, Ethan 18:36.50 Dallas Jesuit
Jacobs, Lane 18:37.50 Coppell
Kern, Emily 18:37.56 Prosper
Fuentes, Adam 18:37.60 West Mesquite
Schroeder, Ryan 18:38.00 Greenhill
Arriaga, Brayan 18:38.00 Dallas Jefferson
Ott, Allison Grace 18:38.78 Dallas Highland Park
Prescott, Nolan 18:38.85 Frisco Reedy
Benak, Dylan 18:38.90 Dallas Highland Park
Jackman, Joe 18:39.29 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Elias, Dezmyn 18:39.71 West Mesquite
Rutledge, Ryan 18:40.06 Mesquite Horn
Ovenshire, Jacob 18:40.10 Dallas Jesuit
Harris, Bunker 18:40.48 Coppell
Rubio, Romie 18:40.75 Canyon Randall
Fivash, Logan 18:41.00 Garland Sachse
Holland, Nicholas 18:41.40 Rockwall Heath
Tepera, Noah 18:41.70 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Owen, Avery 18:41.78 Dallas Lakehill Prep
Fortman, Allison 18:42.02 McKinney Boyd
Garza, Manuel 18:42.69 Little Elm
Roberts, Jackson 18:42.90 Richardson Pearce
Shanbhag, Rohan 18:43.28 Coppell
Avalos, Joe 18:43.60 Dallas Jefferson
Kho, Nicholas 18:43.72 Coppell
Gregorash, Trent 18:44.00 Plano Senior HS
Elsworth, Alex 18:44.90 McKinney
Armstrong, Connor 18:45.32 Kennedale Fellowship Academy
Balalau-Rakowitz, Jaxon 18:45.40 McKinney Boyd
Venrick, Kian 18:47.42 Crandall
Arends, Andrew 18:47.58 Frisco Reedy
Ross, Donte' 18:47.85 Mesquite Horn
Roberson, Hailey 18:48.30 Canyon Randall
Hall, Broc 18:48.49 Allen
Hathaway, Grace 18:48.74 Dallas Highland Park
Dement, Elias 18:50.30 Lake Highlands
Knodel, Sydney 18:50.50 Dallas Episcopal
Smyth, Nathan 18:50.60 Rockwall
Durst, Jordan 18:50.70 McKinney
Evans, Bella 18:50.91 McKinney Boyd
Dauber, Seth 18:51.00 Dallas Shelton
Heckendorn, Phil 18:51.10 Dallas Wilson
Lucas, Sean 18:51.42 McKinney Boyd
Calloway, Andrew 18:51.50 Richardson
Davis, Benjamin 18:51.84 Dallas Hillcrest
Simmons, Michael 18:51.90 Denton Calvary Christian
Garcia, Edwin 18:52.10 Richardson Pearce
Fessler, Luke 18:52.49 Dallas Covenant
Sanchez, Sadie 18:52.60 Canyon Randall
McGlade, Mia 18:52.80 Allen
Abraha, Remay 18:52.87 Wylie High
Conger, Jack 18:53.17 Dallas Shelton
Torres, Matthew 18:53.93 West Mesquite
Fellows, Griffin 18:54.40 Dallas Jesuit
Duque-Diaz, Alex 18:55.87 Dallas Jesuit
Dallmann, Larsen 18:55.90 Allen
Jines, Jett 18:56.00 Canyon Randall
O'Neal, Grant 18:56.45 Coppell
Rodriguez, Jessie 18:56.60 Plano Senior HS
Jejurikar, Kai 18:56.80 Dallas Highland Park
Bohne, Trey 18:57.00 A&M Consolidated
Shaw, Sam 18:57.30 Lake Highlands
Arroyo, Jacob 18:57.74 Richardson Pearce
Thompson, Margaret 18:58.00 Hockaday
Hassman, Waverly 18:58.15 Coppell
Torres, Adrian 18:58.81 Mesquite Horn
Dreyer, Mark 18:59.29 Richardson Pearce
Padilla Godinez, Axel 18:59.70 West Mesquite
Schutze, Jackson 18:59.70 Dallas Jesuit
Whittington, Charis 18:59.98 Richardson Pearce
Eldredge, Nicholas 19:00.60 Dallas Wilson
Eldredge, Nicholas 19:00.60 Dallas Wilson
Fssehaye, Ersom 19:00.90 Richardson Berkner
Mcglothlin, Kaden 19:01.10 Richardson Pearce
Lewis, Melody 19:01.14 Allen
Barnett, Landon 19:01.17 A&M Consolidated
Heise, Cole 19:01.47 Plano East
Liu, Nathan 19:01.50 Dallas Highland Park
Smith, Luke 19:02.40 Dallas Highland Park
Matlack, John 19:02.50 Lake Highlands
Bouck, Tara 19:02.61 McKinney
Swank, Cole 19:03.20 Lake Highlands
Stahl, Archer 19:04.87 Dallas Highland Park
Rubin, Josh 19:05.51 Dallas Highland Park
Lemma, Hunter 19:05.60 Plano Senior HS
Rankin, Porter 19:05.64 Richardson Pearce
Parrott, Parker 19:06.50 Lake Highlands
Parsons, Kate 19:06.76 Prosper
Jones, Nathan 19:07.10 Wylie High
Makonen, Yohannes 19:07.60 Richardson Berkner
Rose, Jack 19:08.40 Garland Sachse
Ahrens, Reese 19:08.46 Rockwall Heath
Tishlias, Aristotelis 19:08.58 Richardson Pearce
Gann, Katherine 19:08.80 Lake Highlands
Hook, Caleb 19:08.81 Dallas Covenant
Maxwell, Julian 19:09.04 Richardson Pearce
Thompson, Tanner 19:10.04 Dallas White
Rogers, Jonas 19:10.70 Coppell
Schiefer, Ian 19:10.81 Rockwall Heath
Culver, Daniel 19:10.83 A&M Consolidated
Mcrae, Carson 19:10.90 Garland Sachse
Reeg, Charles 19:11.10 Dallas Shelton
Baca, Mariano 19:11.37 Coppell
Khera, Dillon 19:11.50 Coppell
Mobley, Kyle 19:11.77 Coppell
Posselt, Isabella 19:11.99 Plano East
Durkin, Uziel 19:12.18 Garland Rowlett
Eldredge, Ben 19:12.50 Dallas Wilson
Landman, Preston 19:12.81 Rockwall Heath
Gray, Ashley 19:13.95 Allen
Stollings, Zachary 19:15.17 Richardson Pearce
Bell, Kellen 19:16.45 Crandall
Hashimoto, Kendall 19:17.00 Greenhill
Kang, Ethan 19:17.40 Carrollton Ranchview
Ha, Nathan 19:17.70 Plano East
Turati, Alexa 19:18.31 Coppell
Mann, Travis 19:19.00 Greenhill
Johnson, Max 19:19.00 Greenhill
Bautista, Ben 19:19.20 Greenhill
Israelson, Mason 19:19.40 McKinney Boyd
Wegener, William 19:20.05 Dallas Wilson
Mojica, Billy 19:21.30 Mesquite Horn
Erb, Sam 19:21.99 Prosper
Rodriguez, Saul 19:22.15 Dallas Hillcrest
Cindo, Leopoldo 19:22.60 West Mesquite
Hussain, Najam 19:23.95 Frisco Reedy
Rowland, Harry 19:23.98 Dallas Covenant
Pinter, Alex 19:24.00 Canyon Randall
Abraham, Anjelika 19:24.63 Wylie East
Towb, Josh 19:24.70 Lake Highlands
Smith, Austin 19:25.14 Rockwall
Williams, Hailey 19:25.22 Richardson Pearce
Rosario, Jacob 19:25.63 Frisco Reedy
Matlack, Ryan 19:25.70 Lake Highlands
Reyes Perez, Rosalene 19:25.98 McKinney Boyd
Wetzler, Alex 19:26.00 Greenhill
Preston, Ellie 19:27.50 Dallas Highland Park
Pitts, Jaxon 19:27.55 Wylie High
Ayancha, Anuraag 19:28.62 Coppell
Rodriguez, Juan 19:28.69 Dallas Jesuit
Cohorn, Blake 19:31.80 Lake Highlands
Goldman, Ashley 19:31.98 Dallas Highland Park
Moffitt, Mitchell 19:33.00 THESA Riders
Mcarthur, Caleb 19:33.00 THESA Riders
Neuhoff, Elise 19:33.15 Dallas Highland Park
Harrell, Leo 19:34.00 THESA Riders
Pablo, Edgar 19:34.19 Richardson
Guzman, Mateo 19:34.30 Wylie High
Garache, Andres 19:34.30 International Leadership of Texa
Guthrie, Noah 19:34.41 Wylie High
Kinkade, Noah 19:35.62 McKinney
Reyez, Leonardo 19:35.82 Wylie High
Ladner, Gracie 19:36.20 Plano Senior HS
Moats, Quinton 19:37.20 Dallas Jesuit
Hernandez, Billy 19:37.23 Crandall
Stewart, Andrew 19:37.70 Dallas Highland Park
Mehendale, Leena 19:39.50 Hockaday
Woudstra, Parker 19:39.81 Frisco Centennial
Jerry) Nguyen, Phuc 19:39.89 Carrollton Smith
Santoro, Emma 19:40.29 Rockwall
Dupre, Collin 19:40.62 Frisco Centennial
Segura, Evan 19:40.80 Dallas Wilson
Garcia, Nathan 19:41.00 Dallas White
Siddiqui, Alyza 19:41.30 Coppell
Jackson, Austin 19:41.78 Wylie High
Tranquillino, Anthony 19:42.18 Dallas Adams
Pavelek, Henry 19:42.40 Richardson
Gryglas, Spencer 19:42.40 Plano East
Beltran, Jesus 19:43.00 Lake Highlands
Sherrer, Mallory 19:43.23 Coppell
Hunt, Carly 19:43.31 McKinney Boyd
Luna, David 19:44.14 Wylie High
Edmondson, Isaac 19:44.45 Garland Sachse
Christon, Dimitri 19:44.63 Dallas Jesuit
Miller, Hannah 19:44.70 Richardson Pearce
Hendrix, Grady 19:44.89 Richardson
Blumenthal, Max 19:45.00 Greenhill
Stuckey, Drew 19:45.41 Dallas Shelton
Dawson, Lennon 19:46.40 Allen
Tatum, John 19:47.02 Dallas Highland Park
Cox, Maddie 19:48.47 Crandall
Puga Lopez, Jason 19:48.51 South Garland
Cabrera, Christian 19:49.06 West Mesquite
Pacheco, Fernando 19:49.10 Dallas Adams
Shaw, Diane 19:49.29 Prosper
Young, Grant 19:49.51 Dallas Shelton
Muccio, Quinn 19:50.00 Dallas Shelton
Barnes, Lucas 19:50.10 Rockwall Heath
Orr, William 19:50.20 Dallas Covenant
Kennedy, Caitlyn 19:50.62 Prosper
Cummins, Samuel 19:50.66 Dallas Highland Park
Hill, Ryder 19:50.95 Rockwall
Ness, Mia 19:51.00 Greenhill
Corrales, Tess 19:52.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Greer, Colin 19:52.10 Richardson Pearce
Heil, Leah 19:52.50 Plano West
Westbury, Teigan 19:52.68 McKinney Boyd
Gutta, Sahasra 19:52.90 Frisco Reedy
Munn, John 19:53.00 Dallas Wilson
Eischen, Anna 19:53.10 Garland Sachse
Cravy, Arden 19:54.34 McKinney Boyd
Reynolds, Katherine 19:56.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Robertson, Lucas 19:56.29 Dallas Covenant
Rojas, Jesus 19:56.45 Plano East
Conner, Ethan 19:56.96 Allen
Kantharaja, Kushal 19:57.19 Coppell
Gyure, Savannah 19:57.65 Frisco Reedy
Noyola, Hanna 19:58.97 Coppell
Aguilera, Landon 19:59.19 McKinney Boyd
Favour, Amelia 20:00.67 Dallas Wilson
Hopkins, Jacob 20:01.00 Rockwall
Johnson, Turner 20:01.40 Dallas Wilson
Krueger, Grant 20:01.61 Prosper
Segura, Marc 20:02.00 Dallas Wilson
Bandy, Sarah 20:02.60 Dallas White
A, Guillermo-Torres 20:02.84 Dallas Hillcrest
Vonkarey, Kabir 20:02.95 Frisco Reedy
Brown, Jackson 20:03.10 Plano Senior HS
Carrillo, Manuel 20:03.20 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Anguiano, Anthony 20:03.90 Garland Naaman Forest B
Wooldridge, Miles 20:04.40 Dallas Episcopal
Graham, Declan 20:05.10 Dallas Episcopal
Guerrero, Josue 20:05.59 Dallas Hillcrest
Moreno, Maximiliano 20:05.80 South Garland
Swanner, Preston 20:06.14 Plano East
Topott, Jenna 20:06.31 Allen
Ali, James 20:06.60 Garland Sachse
Tillery, Danielle 20:06.80 Plano East
Rojas, John 20:07.32 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Vargas, Reyna 20:08.07 Crandall
Leonard, Gracia 20:08.40 Garland Sachse
Dzialowski, Ella 20:09.00 Greenhill
Stevenson, Saylor 20:10.31 Rockwall
Sanchez, Ernesto 20:10.73 Dallas Wilson
Sanchez, Ernesto 20:10.73 Dallas Wilson
Hesser, Andrew 20:11.10 Rockwall
Yochum, Bryson 20:11.68 Little Elm
Stuart, Audrey 20:11.82 McKinney
Ritz-Meuret, Madalena 20:12 Hockaday
Herrera, Madeleine 20:12.20 Garland Sachse
Shiloh, Gabriel 20:12.50 Greenhill
Carr, James 20:13.20 Dallas Episcopal
Kellen, Elaina 20:13.89 Plano Senior HS
Masud, Ayad 20:14.00 Plano Senior HS
Velasquez, Julio 20:14.01 South Garland
Traore, Ibrahima 20:14.49 Richardson
Eiben, Parker 20:14.50 Wylie High
Robles, Ivan 20:15.03 South Garland
Sorenson, Keziah 20:16.05 Plano Senior HS
Tran, Nathan 20:16.50 Plano East
Marande, Arthus 20:18.83 Dallas International HS
Marshall, Tyrone 20:18.84 Richardson
Gallagher, Shaeni 20:19.21 McKinney
Simeon, Benedict 20:19.23 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Klein, Wyatt 20:19.90 Lake Highlands
Tyler, Aiden 20:20.00 Wylie High
Gray, Evan 20:20.08 Richardson
Hadiy, Adam 20:20.80 International Leadership of Texa
Little, Gracie 20:21.00 Hockaday
Daniels, Kendall 20:22.00 Plano Senior HS
Sheley, Mary Alice 20:22.30 Allen
Allport, Luke 20:22.96 Rockwall
Kemp, Ava 20:23.24 McKinney Boyd
Powell, Lily 20:23.32 Frisco Reedy
Gleich, Rylee 20:23.63 Prosper
Nguyen, Nathan 20:23.80 Plano East
Schlehuber, Rohan 20:24.00 Dallas Episcopal
Meseberg, Abby 20:24.82 Allen
Bratcher, Makayla 20:24.84 Rockwall Heath
Solorzano, Jonathan 20:24.90 International Leadership of Texa
Thomas, John 20:24.92 Richardson Berkner
Ashley, Cole 20:25.00 Greenhill
Sampson, Matthew 20:25.17 West Mesquite
Vogler, Chase 20:25.37 Allen
Steen, Keaton 20:26.72 Rockwall Heath
Rahman, Faraz 20:27.60 Plano East
Munoz, Nevaeh 20:27.90 Crandall
Ware, William 20:28.14 Richardson Pearce
Walker, Wes 20:28.60 Lake Highlands
Baker, Richard 20:29.00 Richardson Pearce
Eberhard Bensaid, Noam 20:29.25 Dallas International HS
Holguin, Michael 20:29.33 Rockwall Heath
Flores, Anthony 20:29.90 South Garland
Flores, Anthony 20:29.90 South Garland
Stilson, Taryn 20:30.06 Prosper
Fung, Maya 20:30.40 Prosper
Phillips, Grey 20:31.10 Lake Highlands
Balla, Mouad 20:31.45 Wylie High
Gomez, Eduardo 20:31.59 Richardson Pearce
Ramirez, Madison 20:31.66 Garland Sachse
Almanza, Fabian 20:31.76 Dallas Adams
Ring, Turner 20:31.90 Lake Highlands
Reed, Derrick 20:31.97 Richardson
Strong, Brower 20:32.74 Dallas Wilson
Goldstein, Ryan 20:32.90 Greenhill
Wolfe, Ben 20:33.60 Wylie High
Jacober, Marisa 20:34.95 Frisco Reedy
Wilson, Sam 20:35.00 McKinney
De Silva, Cameron 20:36.10 Plano Senior HS
Gillian, Sam 20:36.56 Rockwall
Bhakta, Shaan 20:36.65 Plano East
Carrasco, Sebastian 20:36.90 Richardson Pearce
Hancock, Avery 20:37.19 Coppell
Cash, Aiden 20:37.30 Plano Senior HS
Womack, Alexia 20:37.61 Frisco Reedy
Bradford, Harrison 20:38.90 Dallas Highland Park
Redd, Gaige 20:39.70 Rockwall Heath
Atluri, Dia 20:39.80 Coppell
Gonzalez, David 20:40.00 McKinney
Mills, Sawyer 20:40.96 Dallas Highland Park
Lemmon, William 20:41.17 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Karp, Kairo 20:41.34 Allen
Joseph, Elijah 20:41.60 Richardson Pearce
Snead, Ethan 20:41.72 Richardson Pearce
Bruscato, Leighton 20:41.76 Dallas Wilson
Donnelly, Brendan 20:42.00 Prosper
Jordan, Campbell 20:42.13 Allen
Shah, Rayna 20:42.50 Allen
Silva, Charlie 20:42.80 Lake Highlands
Hamilton, Charley 20:42.90 Rockwall
Ganesh, Vishruth 20:43.60 Plano Senior HS
Meck, Samantha 20:43.82 Dallas Highland Park
Hernandez, Pablo 20:44.49 Carrollton Ranchview
Morrissey, Grace 20:44.69 McKinney Boyd
Hillyer, Dylan 20:44.99 Garland Naaman Forest B
Quan, Chris 20:45.35 Greenhill
Martin, Kelsie 20:45.67 Plano Senior HS
Pulipaka, Aditya 20:45.70 Greenhill
De Lira Gomez, Miguel 20:45.90 Richardson Pearce
Jonason, Ethan 20:45.93 Wylie High
Johnson, Justin 20:46.20 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Zamudio, Diego 20:46.41 Carrollton Ranchview
Fulenwider, Cody 20:46.68 Dallas Adams
VanSaders, Nicholas 20:46.70 Wylie High
Ravi, Varsha 20:47.10 Dallas Highland Park
Barillas, Christopher 20:47.70 Garland Naaman Forest B
Purcell, Charlotte 20:47.90 Greenhill
Ali, Tahir 20:48.70 Coppell
Leal, Nolan 20:48.86 Dallas Covenant
Elsworth, Nicholas 20:49.91 McKinney
Grosman, Avery 20:50.66 McKinney
Reyes, Carissa 20:50.88 Prosper
Graham, Savannah 20:51.00 Plano Senior HS
Walker, Elizabeth 20:51.20 Coppell
Lopez, Pablo 20:51.30 Dallas Jesuit
Martinez, Juliana 20:51.74 West Mesquite
Ledoux, Meghan 20:51.97 Plano East
Villasana, Max 20:53.10 Dallas Highland Park
Whitley, Reyce 20:53.40 Crandall
Iniguez, Antonio 20:53.67 McKinney Boyd
Pultz, Mitchel 20:54.01 McKinney
Wheat, Caroline 20:54.03 Richardson Pearce
Karrigan, Madison 20:55.54 Allen
Abukias, Omar 20:56.04 Carrollton Ranchview
Barineau, Camryn 20:56.29 Rockwall
Amer, Azal 20:56.60 Greenhill
Agrawal, Vijay 20:56.88 Greenhill
Eche, Kayito 20:57.40 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Ballentine, Katelyn 20:57.44 Frisco Reedy
Petrikas, Caroline 20:58.20 Hockaday
Cilio, Jackson 20:58.40 Rockwall
Calhoun, Eric 20:58.80 Richardson Pearce
Huffenberger, Luke 20:59.00 Plano Senior HS
Taduri, Akshath 20:59.08 Frisco Centennial
Lamont, Luke 20:59.20 Wylie East
Cartin, Mateo 21:00.46 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Cartin, Mateo 21:00.46 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Gilley, Karch 21:02.09 Plano Senior HS
Lopez, Christian 21:02.30 Lake Highlands
Hamid, Rahim 21:02.75 Coppell
Macias, Kevin 21:03.04 Richardson Berkner
Spillman, Gracie 21:03.66 Dallas Highland Park
Salazar, Lizzet 21:03.73 Dallas Jefferson
Eischen, Ella 21:03.90 Garland Sachse
Carey, Carson 21:03.97 Allen
McClard, Hayden 21:04.30 Dallas Shelton
Garcia, Daniel 21:04.31 Garland Sachse
Galanos, Rylie 21:05.00 Dallas Highland Park
Zapata, David 21:05.13 Crandall
Paiboon, Sam 21:05.70 Lake Highlands
Hurst, Courtney 21:05.80 Plano Senior HS
Juma, Aria 21:06.22 Coppell
Bornemann, Hadley 21:06.30 Dallas Highland Park
Taulbee, Katie 21:06.90 Dallas Highland Park
Blackman, Riley 21:07.02 Carrollton Ranchview
Mojica, Alan 21:07.50 Dallas White
Cherry Bowleg, Hugh 21:07.98 Carrollton Ranchview
Watkins, Shelby 21:08.30 Rockwall
Farlander, Vivianne 21:09.16 Plano West
LeVezu, Emilio 21:09.45 Wylie High
Neumayer, Tim 21:09.95 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Loiseau, Malachi 21:10.46 Frisco Reedy
Nygaard, Arcadia 21:10.84 Plano Senior HS
Zapata, Melissa 21:10.85 Richardson
Mercado, Angeline 21:11.13 Plano Senior HS
Gallagher, Heidi 21:11.93 Frisco Reedy
Hazzard, Meredith 21:12.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Warner, Hayden 21:13.72 Richardson Pearce
Allen, Tyler 21:14.15 Wylie East
Santiago, Eric 21:15.50 Frisco Centennial
Sheley, Daniel 21:16.64 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Garcia, Edward 21:16.90 Garland Naaman Forest B
Cristobal-Cruz, Tonatiu 21:17.60 Mesquite Horn
Diehl, Mary Katherine 21:17.64 Dallas Highland Park
Moss, James 21:17.70 Plano Senior HS
Carroll, Alex 21:17.90 Dallas Highland Park
Caros, Aleksander 21:18.12 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Williams, Margeret 21:18.22 Dallas White
Chaffin, Camryn 21:18.83 Plano East
Interiano, Nathan 21:19.50 Garland Naaman Forest B
Wisner, Jimya 21:19.54 Carrollton Smith
Lopez, Zane 21:19.69 Dallas Wilson
Jordan, Dimitri 21:21.26 Garland Rowlett
Prado, Cesar 21:21.54 West Mesquite
Ramirez, Ezra 21:21.56 Allen
Ortiz, Madyson 21:22.04 Rockwall
Mcclure, Scott 21:22.10 Lake Highlands
Blevins, Bennett 21:23.14 Dallas Highland Park
Chavarria, Daniela 21:23.98 Coppell
Sharkey, Emma 21:24.15 Richardson Pearce
Mejia, Israel 21:24.20 Garland Sachse
Davis, Brookelyn 21:24.38 Wylie East
Katic, Emma 21:25.01 Garland Sachse
Blewett, Asha 21:25.40 Greenhill
Self, Andrew 21:25.62 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Madzima, Panashe 21:25.90 Allen
Terry, Ben 21:26.12 Little Elm
Mcbroom, Nathan 21:26.98 Legacy Christian Academy
Kalvakuntla, Saketh 21:27.35 Coppell
Garretson, Ava 21:27.55 Prosper
Crespo, Chris 21:27.60 Dallas Highland Park
Leeck, Igor 21:28.22 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Leeck, Igor 21:28.22 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Bhakta, Meera 21:28.28 Plano East
Bell, Emery 21:30.71 Plano West
Roemer, Noah 21:30.81 Richardson Pearce
Nussbaumer, Virginia 21:31.60 Dallas Episcopal
Piccolo, Dominic 21:32.20 Coppell
Stewart, Emerson 21:32.25 Crandall
Goldberg, Jane 21:32.65 Frisco Reedy
Teague, Dylan 21:33.00 Lake Highlands
Mohammed, Iyad 21:33.10 Greenhill
Fix, Kathryn 21:33.30 A&M Consolidated
McBride, Laney 21:33.40 Allen
Anderson, Ben 21:33.60 Rockwall
Smith, Emma 21:34.14 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Hooks, Pharoah 21:34.19 Richardson
Ross, Rebecca 21:34.99 Prosper
Herrera, Jocelyn 21:35.11 Rockwall Heath
Medin, Hannah 21:35.50 Dallas Wilson
Griffin, Kendaisha 21:35.94 Dallas Hillcrest
Seeburger, Jake 21:36.06 Dallas Wilson
Caldwell, Patrick 21:36.32 Plano East
Thompson, Alyssa 21:36.35 Frisco Reedy
Besherse, Madison 21:36.54 Crandall
McKneely, Samuel 21:36.70 Allen
Harper, Haley 21:37.00 Plano West
Chen, Corbin 21:37.27 Coppell
Johnson, Turner 21:37.70 Dallas Wilson
Lopez, Joshua 21:38.10 International Leadership of Texa
Ferguson, Rose 21:39.40 Lake Highlands
Poray, Charles 21:39.60 Dallas Highland Park
Rosario, Noah 21:39.80 Frisco Reedy
Brumley, Tarryn 21:39.90 McKinney Boyd
Yoo, Preston 21:40.00 Greenhill
Romero, Adrienne 21:40.41 Frisco Reedy
Gonzalez-Rodiles, Vanesa 21:40.65 Frisco Reedy
Turner, Jarrett 21:41.86 Dallas Highland Park
Mccracken, Trenton 21:42.21 Garland
Denehy, Sofia 21:42.45 McKinney
Rosales, Lazaro 21:42.51 Richardson
Strohl, Charlotte 21:42.72 Lake Highlands
Varela, Abby 21:42.90 Richardson
Thornton, Kate 21:44.20 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Adams, Kyle 21:44.87 McKinney Boyd
Eleuteri Rangel, Victor 21:45.30 South Garland
Alvarez, Gabi 21:45.39 Plano East
Strong, Hannah 21:45.80 Prosper
Kahle, Barrett 21:46.00 Dallas Fairhill
Preston, Reese 21:46.53 Dallas Highland Park
Walker, Joshua 21:46.60 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Loveless, Kelton 21:46.70 Legacy Christian Academy
Sprouse, Cici 21:47.10 Hockaday
Eagan, Parker 21:47.10 Prosper
Gupta, Jothi 21:47.40 Greenhill
Morales, Olivia 21:47.81 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Gaddam, Saanvi 21:48.90 Coppell
Kao, Megan 21:49.52 Plano Senior HS
Desai, Maahin 21:50.20 Prosper
Fisiha, Amanuael 21:50.58 Wylie High
Cohen, Caroline 21:50.73 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Hewitt, Addison 21:50.77 Dallas White
Blankenship, Audrey 21:50.90 Richardson Pearce
McLain, Emma 21:51.45 Little Elm
Wyatt, Jacob 21:52.80 Garland Sachse
Wilson, Walker 21:52.81 Garland Sachse
Arrington, Rachel 21:54.13 Coppell
Leinart, Blain 21:54.40 Dallas Highland Park
Reed, Reagan 21:54.74 Prosper
Larson, Chad 21:56.12 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Herrera, Andy 21:56.31 Frisco Centennial
Marriott, Grace 21:56.41 Rockwall
White, Nathan 21:57.24 McKinney Boyd
Roberts, Leyton 21:57.64 Rockwall
Stewart-Starnes, Jackson 21:58.15 Dallas Shelton
Isom, Lola 21:59.00 Hockaday
Woodward, Caden 21:59.10 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Ramirez, Milton 21:59.51 Dallas Adams
Solis, Logan 21:59.57 McKinney
Reyes Aragon, Angel 21:59.60 Dallas Jefferson
Donovan, Finlay 21:59.68 Richardson
Sammon, Grant 21:59.85 Plano East
Posselt, CoCo 21:59.85 Plano East
Egorah, Benita 22:00.20 Richardson
Boden, Harry 22:00.35 McKinney Boyd
Hollis, Jack 22:00.50 Lake Highlands
Guajardo, Angel 22:00.80 Wylie High
Lunski, Christopher 22:00.95 Kennedale Fellowship Academy
Maldonado, Maya 22:01.00 Mesquite Horn
Cotton, Natalie 22:01.06 Plano East
Hilweh, Yazan 22:02.61 Wylie High
Bradstreet, Amelia 22:02.90 Plano East
Fagg, Gracie 22:03.50 Garland Sachse
Kerns, Hudson 22:04.02 Wylie East
Wilson, Kaylee 22:04.20 Greenhill
Lopez, Illiana 22:04.70 West Mesquite
Herrera Waked, Isabella 22:05.88 Frisco Reedy
Espinosa, Christopher 22:05.91 South Garland
Worley, Campbell 22:06.60 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Patel, Kuran 22:07.00 Greenhill
Stankowski, Brody 22:07.30 Frisco Reedy
Green, Ricki 22:07.33 Garland
Worley, Reese 22:08.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Tillery, Ryan 22:08.13 Wylie East
Gaitonde, Rajan 22:08.20 Greenhill
Pirtle, Sydney 22:08.21 Prosper
Hughes, Isabelle 22:08.89 Prosper
Murphy, Ava 22:09.71 Dallas Highland Park
Hensley, Austin 22:10.14 Wylie High
Staiger, Jaron 22:10.36 McKinney
Albus, Ben 22:10.70 Dallas Jesuit
Ortega, Ana 22:11.50 Garland Sachse
Culak, Zoe 22:11.60 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Stamper, Mila 22:12.40 Frisco Reedy
Seale, Alyssa 22:12.80 A&M Consolidated
Fent, Charlie 22:12.81 Dallas Jesuit
Efochie, Vision 22:14.06 Dallas White
Romero, Mireya 22:14.14 Plano Senior HS
Norris, Jack 22:14.50 Lake Highlands
Seedorf, Laken 22:15.02 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Ahmed, Afeefa 22:15.47 Richardson
Warminski, Luke 22:15.49 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Biggerstaff, Brooke 22:16.08 McKinney Boyd
Gravelle, Levi 22:16.97 McKinney Boyd
Wilbanks, Ashlyn 22:17.72 Coppell
Johhnson, Brie 22:17.77 Hockaday
Willis, Callie 22:18.33 Plano East
Fang, Terry 22:18.70 Allen
Khandelwal, Mahek 22:18.92 Coppell
Bautista, Alex 22:20.20 Greenhill
Owens, Avery 22:20.40 Dallas Highland Park
Hart, James 22:20.42 Dallas Wilson
McNally, Roland 22:21.40 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Amn, Djoser 22:21.86 Carrollton Ranchview
Morales, Jacob 22:21.90 Dallas Jesuit
Snead, Carson 22:22.22 Richardson Pearce
McCartney, Tylee 22:22.85 Rockwall
Mendez, Edwin 22:23.30 Dallas Kimball
Maldonado, Ashley 22:23.32 Dallas Hillcrest
Reiter, Ryenne 22:23.72 Hockaday
Seddig, Faith 22:24.52 Wylie East
Martinson, Lucy 22:25.98 Coppell
Baumgartner, Lily 22:26.10 Dallas Highland Park
Cerna, Jacey 22:26.20 Crandall
Long, Tyler 22:26.99 Dallas Covenant
Braun, Marisol 22:27.20 Dallas Wilson
Braun, Marisol 22:27.20 Dallas Wilson
Pollard, Zach 22:28.40 Dallas Jesuit
Dement, Virginia 22:28.80 Lake Highlands
La Grenade, Joel 22:29.50 International Leadership of Texa
Tschantz, Maddie 22:29.52 Plano West
Vo, Maxwell 22:29.83 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Carvajal, Jane 22:29.94 Allen
Knoll, Elizabeth 22:30.58 Plano West
Patel, Aryan 22:30.62 Plano East
Patel, Madeline 22:30.62 Prosper
Boureston, Noah 22:30.74 McKinney
Moore, Emma 22:30.84 Plano Senior HS
Harris, Blake 22:31.10 Lake Highlands
Rodriguez, Gabriela 22:31.30 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Tatom, Jake 22:32.41 Rockwall
Petteway, Emma 22:34.90 Dallas Wilson
Deprater, Hunter 22:36.40 Denton Calvary Christian
Linan, Marlo 22:36.77 Allen
Deimlere, Colton 22:36.80 Plano Senior HS
Cuzalina, Ryan 22:37.50 Dallas Shelton
Loh, Peter 22:37.70 Dallas Jesuit
Johnson, Olivia 22:37.74 Allen
Sorenson, Sara 22:38.00 Plano Senior HS
Gonzalez, Jairo 22:38.03 McKinney
Leighton, Katie 22:38.16 Rockwall Heath
Yurich, Emma 22:38.32 Dallas Hillcrest
Brown, Naomi 22:38.70 Frisco Reedy
Harris, Ellen 22:38.88 Garland
Davidson, Hannah 22:39.06 Frisco Reedy
Zapata, Daniel 22:39.70 Crandall
Yates, Julia 22:39.76 Dallas Highland Park
Scheurich, Jeana 22:40.08 Coppell
Johnson, Addyson 22:41.70 McKinney Boyd
Just, Aden 22:42.19 Garland Sachse
Hensley, Katelyn 22:42.70 Wylie High
Kabuin, Glorie 22:42.96 Garland
Fernandez del Castillo, Sebastian 22:43.00 McKinney Boyd
Zuniga, Christopher 22:44.16 Garland
Foy, Kennedy 22:44.30 Dallas Highland Park
Gutierrez, Emmanuel 22:44.36 Richardson
Price, Emma 22:44.70 Garland
Shorter, Deshon 22:44.80 Wilmer Hutchins
Nurre, Tessa 22:45.75 Dallas Highland Park
Escalante, Odalys 22:46.11 Richardson
Adee, Jonathan 22:46.43 Dallas Jesuit
Fischer, Landen 22:46.60 Prosper
Rangel, Emilio 22:46.78 Allen
Smith, Addison 22:46.89 Rockwall
Smith, Addison 22:46.89 Rockwall
Ortega, JohnPaul 22:47.41 Dallas Jesuit
Oliver, Mia 22:47.52 Dallas White
Deshotels, Luke 22:47.70 Dallas Jesuit
Shultz, Harper 22:47.85 Richardson Pearce
Randall, Scarlett 22:48.70 Dallas Highland Park
Gyasi, Esther 22:49.31 Dallas Hillcrest
Gamez, Evelyn 22:49.80 South Garland
Davis, Ethan 22:49.97 Rockwall Heath
Garcia, Aleks 22:50.00 Garland Sachse
Leal, Gabriel 22:50.10 Dallas Jesuit
Diederich, Tanner 22:50.18 Dallas Wilson
Palubicki, Eloise 22:50.28 Frisco Reedy
Dejesus, Ethan 22:50.30 Richardson
Navarro, Jose 22:50.70 Richardson Pearce
Darst, Lauren 22:52.00 Plano Senior HS
Lee, Seth 22:52.00 Greenhill
Toscano, Miguel 22:53.22 Garland
Harpold, Evie 22:53.32 Little Elm
May, Michael 22:53.40 Richardson Berkner
Pham, Dana 22:54.06 Plano East
Crowell, Charlotte 22:54.23 Dallas Wilson
Sherrard, Jack 22:55.14 Rockwall
Morgan, Ross 22:55.80 Dallas Highland Park
Gross, Sydney 22:55.80 Allen
Klemchuk, Davis 22:55.80 Lake Highlands
Hazzard, Belle 22:57.00 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Keith, Austin 22:57.20 Dallas Jesuit
Beltran, Valerie 22:58.31 West Mesquite
Barve, Saakshi 22:58.62 Coppell
Valdez, Ethan 22:59.40 Garland Naaman Forest B
Robinette, Luke 23:00.80 Rockwall
Gandotra, Mehak 23:01.70 Coppell
Kassem, Maryam 23:02.28 Richardson
Wigington, Tanner 23:02.85 Little Elm
Walter, Jonathan 23:03.22 Dallas Shelton
Rhodes, Windsor 23:03.90 Dallas Highland Park
Mertens, Easton 23:03.90 Rockwall
Michaelis, Abigail 23:04.09 Richardson Pearce
Sharrock, Maddox 23:04.20 Frisco Centennial
Garcia, Melanie 23:05.10 Dallas White
Tucker, Sydney 23:05.80 McKinney Boyd
Reyna, Heather 23:06.20 Frisco Reedy
Thomas, Luke 23:06.60 Plano Senior HS
Green, Elijah 23:06.66 Mesquite Horn
Robinson, Patricia 23:07.00 Wylie East
Benavides, Noah 23:07.58 Rockwall
Manduva, Preesha 23:07.70 Frisco Centennial
Haeffner, Zoe 23:07.72 Dallas Wilson
Haeffner, Zoe 23:07.72 Dallas Wilson
Nguyen, Jordan 23:08.25 Richardson
Khatri, Hadia 23:09.50 Plano West
Ojo, Oluwabusayomi 23:09.50 Wylie East
Seddig, Evelyn 23:09.80 Wylie East
Cihak, Colden 23:10.23 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
McGuinness, Quinn 23:10.36 Dallas Wilson
Salazar-McCauley, Abigail 23:10.80 McKinney Boyd
Blair, Emma 23:10.82 Rockwall Heath
Lemler, Morgan 23:12.00 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Blalock, Payton 23:12.80 Greenhill
Joseph, Karis 23:13.06 Richardson Pearce
Tayem, Ntsongmboma 23:13.30 Richardson Pearce
Letkey, Olivia 23:14.00 Garland Sachse
Leonard, Ayden 23:14.70 Garland Sachse
Reeder, Annie 23:14.90 Coppell
Ali, Rand 23:15.30 Allen
Fairfield, Justin 23:15.30 Denton Calvary Christian
Welch, Lillian 23:16.01 Dallas Wilson
Karry, Jocelyn 23:16.80 McKinney Boyd
Sammons, Jadon 23:17.40 Denton Calvary Christian
Murphy, Kaitlyn 23:17.40 Wylie High
Iturrino, Raquel 23:17.50 Prosper
Murawski, Joseph 23:18.20 Richardson Pearce
Reyna, Grace 23:18.21 Frisco Reedy
Raju, Anya 23:19.41 Frisco Centennial
da Silva, Jantzen 23:19.60 Dallas Jesuit
Guerra, Sophia 23:21.29 Plano East
Salgado, Stephanie 23:24.40 Dallas Jefferson
Kouba, Allison 23:24.42 Dallas Wilson
Kouba, Allison 23:24.42 Dallas Wilson
Miller, Kristjana 23:24.60 Prosper
Bruce, Lilly 23:24.60 Richardson Pearce
Greve, Mathew 23:24.70 Dallas Wilson
Wiseman, Jake 23:24.76 Richardson
Martinez, Ivette 23:25.22 Garland
Feldhousen, Layne 23:25.50 A&M Consolidated
Armstrong, Samantha 23:25.73 Plano East
Jacob, Zerek 23:26.70 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Harrison, Amaiyah 23:26.78 Crandall
McNally, Roland 23:26.80 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Perry, Jenna 23:27.89 Rockwall Heath
Straus, Dylan 23:28.60 Dallas Jesuit
Ortigoza, Isabelle 23:29.14 Coppell
Flores, Carly 23:29.47 Rockwall Heath
Parr, Anna 23:29.80 Garland Sachse
Adams, Ashton 23:31.23 Allen
Staley, Brenden 23:31.31 Rockwall
Davis, Alyson 23:32.30 Prosper
McQuiston, Luke 23:32.80 Rockwall
Laird, William Pennock 23:33.81 Dallas Wilson
Anthony, Bonilla 23:33.82 Garland Naaman Forest B
Swinney, Maggie 23:34.93 Lake Highlands
Theriault, Fiona 23:35.70 Plano Senior HS
Mann, Elizabeth 23:36.10 Greenhill
Courtney, Lauren 23:36.45 Dallas Highland Park
Bundy, Briar 23:36.50 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Grimaldo, Alejandra 23:36.62 McKinney
Turner, William 23:37.00 Dallas Hillcrest
Alford, Thomas 23:37.50 Rockwall
Martinez, Jazmin 23:37.51 Garland Sachse
Malone, Ace 23:37.90 Prosper
Tran, HueTrinh 23:37.93 Plano East
Tejena-Gonzalez, Jasmine 23:38.20 Prosper
Murphy, Callie 23:38.89 Rockwall Heath
Polito, Luke 23:39.04 Lake Highlands
Spieth, Tyler 23:39.24 Plano East
Beaty, Ava 23:39.36 Coppell
Moorman, Reid 23:39.50 Dallas Episcopal
Rowe, Gabriela 23:39.66 Plano Senior HS
Gonzalez, Alex 23:39.93 McKinney
Beck, Sawyer 23:40.90 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Niemann, Lillian 23:42.40 Lake Highlands
Buruca, Gabby 23:43.10 Lake Highlands
Navarette, Emily 23:43.38 Garland
Murray, Paige 23:43.70 Rockwall Heath
Salinas, Marc 23:44.95 Rockwall Heath
Martin Soto, Zullie 23:45.36 Garland Rowlett
Vanderpool, Delaney 23:45.50 Richardson Pearce
Tracy, Roy 23:45.93 McKinney Boyd
Berg, Annah 23:46.19 Frisco Centennial
Wolverton, John 23:46.21 Dallas Covenant
Richardson, Emma 23:46.30 Carrollton Smith
Arzola, Dulce 23:47.30 Garland
Corwin, Braden 23:47.40 McKinney Boyd
Fisk, Emma 23:47.80 Richardson
Woodward, Gavin 23:48.15 Founders Classical Academy of Le
Adams, Avery 23:49.18 Allen
Osorio, Damieyan 23:49.42 Plano East
Pederson, Nate 23:49.52 Dallas Covenant
Stewart, Jahmil 23:50.08 Garland Rowlett
Theisen, Mary Louise 23:51.16 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Padhy, Bipul 23:51.56 Plano East
Cumplido, Angel 23:52.21 Dallas Adams
Pina, Ariana 23:53.71 West Mesquite
Nguyen, Natalie 23:55.20 Plano East
Lovejoy, Shelby 23:55.90 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Peltz, Erik 23:56.00 Dallas Highland Park
Flatt, Sophia 23:57.55 Richardson
Pardon, Taylor 23:58.00 Wylie High
Boettcher, Casey 23:58.20 Dallas Wilson
Hood, Dylan 23:58.50 Plano Senior HS
Stibor, Jackson 23:58.90 Richardson Pearce
Wills, Kierra 23:58.90 Rockwall
Stringer, Shianne 23:59.77 Richardson
Jones, Ellie 24:00.30 Dallas Highland Park
Cannon, Allison 24:00.80 Dallas Highland Park
Biernacki, Alex 24:01.30 Mesquite Horn
Nettleton, Philip 24:02.11 Dallas Highland Park
Villanueva, Sonia 24:02.60 Mesquite Horn
Dupre, Avery 24:03.40 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Burke, Oliver 24:07.40 Greenhill
Kandoth, Ishaan 24:07.50 Greenhill
Trupiano, Serena 24:08.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Wied, Myranda 24:08.96 Wylie East
Frayde-guzman, Eric 24:09.17 Carrollton Smith
Manganiello, Sophia 24:10.13 Richardson Pearce
Santillan, Fernando 24:10.26 Garland
Little, John 24:10.60 Dallas Cambridge
Burke, Shelby 24:11.00 Dallas Highland Park
Rodriguez, Nathan 24:11.62 Richardson
Raymond, Grace 24:13.16 Mesquite Horn
Glenn, Bella 24:13.20 A&M Consolidated
Gardner, Joseph 24:13.90 Dallas Adams
Cochran, Elaine 24:14.10 Dallas Highland Park
Lopez, Emmanuel 24:14.34 Garland
Scheble, Mary Susan 24:14.58 Dallas Highland Park
Rhodes, Price 24:15.47 Dallas Highland Park
Esquivel, Viviana 24:16.80 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Benner, Brock 24:16.95 Frisco Centennial
Robinson, Jalen 24:17.12 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Rosales, Leobardo 24:17.16 Dallas White
Gonzales, Olivia 24:17.70 Plano East
Agudo, Sandi 24:18.43 Dallas White
Jack, Perry 24:19.18 Richardson
Sirpal, Krish 24:19.29 Coppell
Betanzo, Mia 24:19.60 Prosper
Cherukuri, Praneel 24:21.10 Dallas Highland Park
Hunter, Kelli 24:22.20 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Booth, Adalyn 24:23.30 Dallas Highland Park
Herrera, Abraham 24:23.45 Frisco Centennial
Cooke, Jackie 24:23.50 Wylie High
Zavala, Isaiah 24:24.01 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Borders, Charles 24:25.50 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Haness, Owen 24:25.50 Lake Highlands
Singer, Hannah 24:25.70 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Estrada, Juan 24:26.29 Garland
Maher, William 24:27.10 Greenhill
Kercheville, Jason 24:30.80 Lake Highlands
Dominguez, Diego 24:30.84 Dallas White
Pavey, Madeline 24:31.04 Garland
Gallagher, Molly 24:32.21 Frisco Reedy
Smith, D'avianna 24:32.52 Garland Naaman Forest
Denny, Shelby 24:32.93 Wylie East
Douglas, Luke 24:33.00 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Belt, Annaliese 24:34.03 McKinney Boyd
Timmons, Lake 24:34.09 Wylie High
Van Boven, Grant 24:34.30 Greenhill
Kim, Emily 24:34.60 Greenhill
Lira, Armando 24:34.84 Dallas White
Alejos, Luisa 24:35.50 Dallas Adams
Monzon, Erick 24:35.78 Dallas Adams
King, Nehemiah 24:36.20 Crandall
Flores, Carla 24:36.70 Mesquite Horn
Bonnin, Trevor 24:37.25 McKinney Boyd
Freeman, Megan 24:37.28 Crandall
Van Boerum, Jacob 24:38.37 Allen
Mizell, Drew 24:38.63 Kennedale Fellowship Academy
Tilden, Charlotte 24:39.20 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Leija, Monse 24:39.34 Crandall
Goldman, Gray 24:40.52 Dallas Shelton
Katzman, Alexandra 24:40.80 Wylie High
Reynolds, Isabella 24:42.30 Dallas Highland Park
White, Samuel 24:42.50 Richardson Pearce
Zavala, Ethan 24:42.76 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Rodriguez, Danayara 24:42.94 West Mesquite
Wreh, Florence 24:43.12 Carrollton Smith
Platero L, Josselin 24:43.30 Dallas Jefferson
Gomez, Jennifer 24:43.47 South Garland
Setayesh, Hooman 24:43.51 Carrollton Ranchview
Garcia, James 24:43.78 Richardson Pearce
Ray, Luke 24:44.53 Lake Highlands
Galvez, Sevyn 24:46.10 Wylie High
Blanco, Guillermo 24:47.16 Dallas Wilson
Macfee, Sean 24:47.20 Frisco Reedy
Hays, Ethan 24:48.40 Plano Senior HS
Kane-Diallo, Aida 24:48.40 Rockwall Heath
Cornejo, Luca 24:49.10 Dallas Jesuit
Biernacki, Max 24:49.75 Mesquite Horn
Chhaya, Khushi 24:51.08 Greenhill
Ramirez, Citlali 24:51.41 Carrollton Smith
Leos, Lucero 24:52.54 Garland
Gilbert, Annabel 24:52.90 Greenhill
Chavez, Lydia 24:53.40 Plano East
Fields, Quentin 24:55.10 Garland Naaman Forest B
Astorga, Miguel 24:55.20 Carrollton Smith
Haberer, Ava 24:56.90 Dallas Highland Park
Limaye, Stephanie 24:57.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Marquis, Abby 24:57.30 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Estrada, Victoria 25:00.16 West Mesquite
Jafeth Delgado, Jair 25:00.60 South Garland
Pena, Addison 25:02.91 McKinney
Gilmore, Garrett 25:03.80 Rockwall
Villareal, Sherrilyn 25:04.20 Lake Highlands
Quijano, Aslyn 25:05.88 Frisco Centennial
Vanciel, Olivia 25:05.98 Garland
Moriarty, Ava 25:06.21 Plano East
Sorokolit, Cooper 25:06.57 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Xie, Ryan 25:09.60 Greenhill
Sanchez, Yahdira 25:10.28 South Garland
O'neil, Mia 25:11.40 Dallas Highland Park
Saenz, George 25:13.65 Richardson
Robles, Erick 25:14.80 Plano Senior HS
Alvarado, Bella 25:14.90 Garland Rowlett
Voirin, Helen 25:15.50 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Strong, Leighton 25:15.98 Dallas Wilson
Murff, Sam 25:18.41 Dallas Wilson
Gonzales, Juanita 25:18.57 Dallas Cambridge
Moseley, Saxon 25:19 Hockaday
Jayaraman, Vishnu 25:20.78 Coppell
Rogers, Jacob 25:22.66 McKinney Boyd
Bigelow, Will 25:22.82 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
COLEMAN, AMY 25:23.39 Garland Sachse
Jaye, Jordan 25:23.72 Richardson
Kantor, Carlie 25:25.70 Carrollton Smith
Lambert, Emerson 25:27.67 Frisco Reedy
Semere, Feven 25:28.40 Lake Highlands
Adcock, Allison 25:28.60 Rockwall
Baumann, Braydon 25:28.73 Dallas Cambridge
Mukund, Varun 25:29.40 Greenhill
Doan, Lena 25:29.66 Plano East
Duncan, Luke 25:30.20 Dallas Highland Park
Fitzgerald, Anna 25:30.37 Plano East
Croft, Abraham 25:31.30 Richardson Pearce
Kannery, Rushil 25:31.46 Frisco Centennial
Williams, Daunte 25:33.00 Wilmer Hutchins
Morley, Amanda 25:33.36 Dallas Highland Park
Griffth, Nicholas 25:34.27 Dallas Wilson
Caffey, Madison 25:34.70 Wylie High
Pacheco, Yvette 25:35.60 McKinney
Marquez, Kaci 25:35.80 Garland Naaman Forest
Thorn, Colin 25:36.15 McKinney
Heras, Stephanie 25:36.20 West Mesquite
Worth, Aubrey 25:36.20 Plano Senior HS
Wilson, Liam 25:38.40 Dallas Episcopal
Sprem, Kristina 25:39.30 Garland Sachse
Schmiel, Ruthie 25:40.16 Lake Highlands
White, Kate 25:40.20 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Dailey, Avery 25:40.40 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Sorokolit, Cole 25:40.53 Fort Worth Nolan Catholic
Kennington, Hannah 25:42.99 Little Elm
Prieur, Celina 25:43.50 Greenhill
Gibbs, Payten 25:45.18 Richardson Pearce
Kras, Lisa 25:45.37 Frisco Centennial
Richard, Caroline 25:46.42 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Adcock, Hayley 25:46.50 Rockwall
Willman, Peyton 25:46.70 Lake Highlands
Grubenhoff, Jillian 25:47.50 Plano Senior HS
Kennedy, Natalie 25:48.60 Prosper
Zarski, Aidan 25:49.20 Greenhill
Reynolds, Bridget 25:49.78 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Brennan, Abby 25:50.00 Plano Senior HS
Henderson, Brianna 25:50.77 Coppell
Zatopek, Clara 25:51.30 Richardson
Sanders, Lyric 25:51.62 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Fernandez, Brigette 25:51.99 Little Elm
Estrada, Gildardo 25:52.13 Garland
Garcia, Juan 25:52.68 Carrollton Ranchview
Jones, Miller 25:52.77 McKinney
Srivastiva, Shriya 25:53.54 Coppell
Levario, Daniela 25:53.67 McKinney Boyd
Herrera, Yazmin 25:57.86 South Garland
Ferenczhalmy, Megan 25:57.99 Plano East
Spears, Jillian 25:58.15 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Patel, Dilen 25:58.20 Greenhill
Bell, Courtney 25:58.68 Mesquite Horn
Semancik, Aidan 26:00.40 Little Elm
Covington, Knox 26:01.25 Dallas Covenant
Dutcher, Gabriella 26:02.41 Frisco Reedy
Miller, Maddy 26:03.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Jamerson, Avery 26:04.00 Garland Rowlett
Serna, Allison 26:04.89 Little Elm
Scroggins, Jada 26:04.90 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Fitzmartin, Molly 26:05.96 Dallas Highland Park
McCall, Avery 26:06.00 Garland Rowlett
Diehl, Brantley 26:06.10 Dallas Highland Park
Gomez, Melanie 26:09.00 South Garland
Koehl, Adam 26:09.80 Garland Rowlett
Kongabel, Austin 26:10.43 Richardson Pearce
Cole, Natasha 26:11.10 Rockwall Heath
Morales, Carlee 26:14.23 Garland
Cabrera, Adriana 26:16.30 Lake Highlands
Shaw, Kate 26:17.99 Plano East
Johnson, Jocelyn 26:19.80 Mesquite Horn
Rivera, Jaidyn 26:21.20 McKinney Boyd
Rosas, Vanessa 26:22.60 South Garland
Adnan, Zamzam 26:24.56 Plano East
Guandolo, Marina 26:25.40 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Winn, Reese 26:26.78 Carrollton Smith
Ladhani, Alisha 26:26.80 Carrollton Smith
Galindo, Maria 26:26.80 Dallas Wilson
Brodsky, Emma 26:27.70 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Sanders, Alexandra 26:29.36 Wylie High
Key, Carmen 26:29.60 McKinney Boyd
Adee, Alexander 26:37.10 Dallas Jesuit
Monaghan, Maya 26:38.60 Dallas Wilson
Castillo, Nataly 26:39.33 Garland
Weiner, Robert 26:41.50 Garland
Coleman, Jadyn 26:41.67 Rockwall
Land, Megan 26:43.30 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Martinez, Victoria 26:44.06 Garland Sachse
Reyna, Leslie 26:49.60 Garland
Hall, Grace 26:50.40 Richardson Pearce
Prucha, Sam 26:52.20 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Allen, Teal 26:52.95 Dallas Wilson
Sevilla Flores, Vivian 26:53.33 Richardson Pearce
Buendia, Alison 26:54.60 Prosper
Estrada, Jennifer 26:55.60 Garland
Forsthoffer, Ella 26:57.00 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Bradley, Braeden 26:57.79 Plano Senior HS
Kamgang, Angela 26:58.19 Greenhill
Gardner, Kinley 27:00.90 Richardson Pearce
Arreaga, Andy 27:01.37 Wylie High
Kumpers, Sofia 27:03.50 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Harris, Mark 27:05.26 Richardson Pearce
McGhee, Kacie 27:05.63 Wylie East
Larry, Gabby 27:07.08 McKinney Boyd
Childrey, Carolyn 27:08.07 Wylie East
Rojas, Alejandra 27:09.40 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Manzanarez, Judith 27:13.11 Dallas Wilson
Zewidie, Kaleabe 27:13.40 Wylie High
Gomez, Scout 27:16.50 Lake Highlands
Weaver, Johnathan 27:17.60 Garland Sachse
Phadke, Aryaa 27:17.70 Hockaday
Okunna, Savannah 27:18.60 Dallas Hillcrest
Madden, Claire 27:19.60 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Meis, Elizabeth 27:19.80 Dallas Wilson
Rodriguez, Jaynie 27:19.94 Richardson
Campos Hernandez, Daniela 27:20.00 Richardson Pearce
Anderson, Georgia 27:20.21 Dallas Covenant
Hernandez, Keila 27:21.72 Mesquite Horn
Karrigan, McKenna 27:22.61 Allen
Welch, Katy 27:24.00 Hockaday
Singleton, Jayden 27:26.22 Carrollton Ranchview
Tudon, Dareli 27:27.50 Garland
Marsaw, Jacob 27:28.18 Dallas White
Roberti, Mia 27:29.80 Frisco Reedy
Herd, Sofia 27:30.71 Dallas Covenant
Adhikari, Alisma 27:31.30 Coppell
Alonzo, Yesenia 27:31.30 Garland
Nishikawa, Lynn 27:32.40 Carrollton Ranchview
Gomez, Coral 27:33.50 Lake Highlands
Kyne, Gloria 27:33.70 Richardson Berkner
Alsabah, Fatimah 27:34.85 Allen
Rojo, Arianna 27:36.40 Plano Senior HS
Jones, Jillian 27:36.70 Plano East
Beau, Brown 27:37.10 Plano Senior HS
Walji, Anisa 27:43.00 Greenhill
Abdullah, Ayesha 27:45.40 Frisco Centennial
Hanna, Katelyn 27:47 Hockaday
Le, Alison 27:49.30 Richardson Pearce
Rapoport, Ronne 27:51.00 Plano Senior HS
Swierk, Annika 27:55.20 McKinney Boyd
Rojo Lopez, Celeste 27:55.96 Richardson Pearce
McNeil, Meghan 27:56.69 Rockwall Heath
Shoumbert, Adrian 28:03.16 Garland Rowlett
Singer, Lauren 28:03.90 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Hatton, Sydney 28:04.76 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Khalid, Shan 28:09.55 Frisco Reedy
Cirillo, Sophia 28:11.13 Dallas Wilson
Love, Eloise 28:11.60 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Tran, Katie 28:12.34 Plano East
Kloser, Kaiden 28:13.18 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Ramirez Quintero, Dania 28:17.00 Dallas White
Pierce, Audrey 28:17.90 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Jackson, Dimarrea 28:18.60 Dallas Hillcrest
Daugherty, Ava Grace 28:18.90 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Lopez, Brandon 28:19.19 South Garland
Cortes, Luis 28:21.00 Richardson
Jude, Kaliah 28:22.71 Wylie East
Steer, Graham 28:24.15 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Sanders, Hannah 28:25.10 Allen
Cheng, Stella 28:35.85 Dallas Wilson
Capuchino, Luz 28:36.00 South Garland
Minarzick, Michaela 28:40.00 Wylie High
Galaviz, Leslie 28:41.34 Richardson Berkner
Jackson, Owen 28:41.70 Richardson Pearce
Carbonel, Eduardo 28:42.40 Dallas Episcopal
Brubaker, Madeline 28:43.50 McKinney
Mitchell-Bureau, Beau 28:44.60 Dallas Jesuit
Dawson, Sarah 28:45.13 Dallas Covenant
Peralta, Giselle 28:47.46 Mesquite Horn
Quiroz, Itala 28:47.77 Allen
Clemons, Gelgeli 28:48.80 Garland Naaman Forest
Sands, Kathryn 28:53.00 Hockaday
Jones, Amiree 28:53.30 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Guzman, Jennifer 28:53.40 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Stout, Allison 28:53.70 Plano Senior HS
Price, Lindsey 28:56.79 Frisco Centennial
Hayes, Norah 28:57.40 Rockwall
Tran, Farrahsophia 29:02.00 Hockaday
Mele, Charlotte 29:03.40 Plano Senior HS
Wilscher, Rosa 29:03.70 Garland Sachse
Schiffman, Allison 29:07.10 Plano Senior HS
Preston, Breanna 29:07.30 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Desai, Maya 29:12.99 Greenhill
Desantiago, Scarlett 29:22.50 Plano Senior HS
Dashiell, Mary 29:22.60 Plano Senior HS
Rodriguez Lugo, Zulema 29:24.70 West Mesquite
Lowe, Kazarion 29:26.27 Garland
Holbrook, Henry 29:27.13 Dallas Wilson
Prouse, Addison 29:27.47 Dallas Covenant
Martin Amesquita, Nicole 29:27.60 Plano Senior HS
Young, Erin 29:28.70 Prosper
Rosa, John 29:28.99 Dallas Covenant
Henok, Etwatwa 29:30.67 Richardson Berkner
Kaur, Jassmin 29:31.24 Frisco Reedy
Cronin, Jack 29:33.43 Dallas Episcopal
Sanchez, Elizabeth 29:34.19 Wylie East
Vance, Annie 29:34.90 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Hernandez, Monika 29:35.60 Garland Sachse
Stanley, Lucas 29:35.94 Dallas Wilson
Kearney, Lola 29:36.60 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Thomas, Neema 29:37.23 Garland Sachse
Servin, William 29:37.70 Richardson Pearce
Sowels, Bianca 29:37.93 Crandall
McKay, Isabel 29:39.66 Wylie East
Orozco, Vanessa 29:42.70 Dallas Wilson
Mendoza, Daniel 29:43.40 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Wasneuski, Jersilyn 29:45.50 McKinney Boyd
Mutswiri, Fadzai 29:47.97 Wylie East
Noyola, Daniela 29:56.55 Coppell
Artese, Guilia 30:00.21 Richardson
Young, Brooke 30:00.40 Prosper
Maerschel, Kurt 30:01.35 Richardson Pearce
Custodio, Sophia 30:04.03 Rockwall
Fitzgerald, Jane 30:17.81 Dallas Wilson
Stransky, Liliana 30:19.56 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Torres, Dayanara 30:26.20 Dallas Hillcrest
Compain, Emilia 30:33.22 West Mesquite
Chen, Nancy 30:33.61 Hockaday
Martinez Perez, Melissa 30:37.50 Plano Senior HS
Akridge, Piper 30:40.90 Plano Senior HS
Markley, Lauren 30:44.20 Plano Senior HS
Molina, Eder 30:51.74 Crandall
Botero, Isabella 30:52.49 Rockwall
Martin, Nadia 30:53.92 Richardson
Ortiz, Arianna 31:07.75 Richardson Berkner
Jimenez Vanegas, Jimena 31:09.93 Richardson Pearce
Lui, Kristin 31:11 Hockaday
Tyson, Charles 31:13.80 Rockwall
Malhotra, Meera 31:28.80 Hockaday
Amarneethi, Anjana 31:30.13 Frisco Reedy
Reynolds, Will 31:30.93 Founders Classical Academy of Fl
Haritharan, Harshetha 31:32.71 Allen
Williamson, Georgia 31:33.00 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Robinson, Adrianna 31:35.80 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Moorman, Ben 31:38.76 Dallas Episcopal
Hernandez Munoz, Debhani 31:46.20 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Segura, Perla 31:54.41 Dallas White
Ro, Natalie 31:55.92 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Moore, Hayden 32:01.44 Dallas Covenant
Lavandera, Isabel 32:04.70 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Suarez, Ana 32:05.60 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Castillo, Serenity 32:15.00 Plano East
Mejia, Cesar 32:36.40 McKinney
Enriquez, Jose 32:38.07 Dallas Adams
Guzman, Citlali 32:39.84 West Mesquite
Johnson, Nicholas 32:47.88 Carrollton Ranchview
Mitchell, Jillian 32:58.20 Rockwall
Dotie, Jeffery 33:02.54 Wilmer Hutchins
Flores, Emily 33:03.70 Dallas South Oak Cliff
Cheeley, Tayvion 33:06.70 Wilmer Hutchins
May, Leah 33:14.71 Garland
Perelman, Ariel 33:16.50 Plano Senior HS
Shumake, Glory 33:22.16 Rockwall
Brittain-Hernandez, Paul 33:41.60 Plano Senior HS
Castro, Melanie 33:51.59 South Garland
Salinas Salgado, Valerie 34:01.64 Richardson
Abbott, Kerrigan 34:02.93 Allen
White, Jalen 34:11.18 Richardson
Edwards, Elliot 34:11.92 Dallas Cambridge
Piedras, Leah 34:13.34 Garland Sachse
Sauceda, Sarah 34:16.00 Dallas Kimball
Keener, Clay 34:21.31 Richardson
Minor, Khayla 34:35.30 Garland Sachse
Zavala, Stephanie 34:39.00 South Garland
Delgado, Vanessa 34:42.95 Plano East
Puente, Jessica 34:57.91 International Leadership of Texa
Ortiz Amador, Jennifer 35:11.35 Dallas White
Rodriguez, Alexis 35:21.92 Garland Sachse
Loera, Becca 35:30.10 Dallas Ursuline Academy
Arshad, Sakina 36:28.75 Richardson
Bodapati, Mukunda 36:34.10 Carrollton Smith
Rosales, Grayson 36:39.64 Founders Classical Academy of Fr
Joiner, Emily 36:46.10 Plano Senior HS
Olayinka, Dara 36:55.08 Garland
Igwe, Rejoice 37:07.21 Richardson
Rivas, Krissia 38:24.51 Dallas White
Johnson, Anaissa 38:31.80 Richardson Pearce
Pastor, Sahirah 38:37.61 Richardson
Rosales, Mary 42:12.14 Dallas White
Ndu, Onyinyechi 43:13.33 Richardson
Tchinda, Andrea 43:16.44 Dallas Hillcrest
Mejia, Katherine 43:30.70 Richardson
Para, Audrey 44:39.10 Dallas White
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