LCU HS XC National Invite Boys Preview And Entries

This weekend's boys race will be a battle between runners from "Big Sky" country and the Lone Star boys. Several runners from Utah and North Dakota will take on runners from the surrounding areas of Lubbock, El Paso, San Antonio, and East Texas.

Boy's Top National Contenders

Isaac Berlin (UT) - This could be a motivation race for Berlin. He was 13th at the Utah 5A-6A state cross country meet and he only ran 16:10.80, which was his slowest three mile race of the season by over 30 seconds since his first race of the season. Look for him to get his groove back and be around his 15:05 PR.

Luke Douglas (UT) - Douglass was third at the Utah 5A-6A state meet. He had  five consecutive sub 16 minute three mile races this year including a 15:07 PR.

Taylor Knight (UT) - Knight is the Utah 5A-6A state champ this year and had seven sub 16 minute three mile races including a 14:58 PR.

Sean Korsmo (SD) - Korsmo added another North Dakota state championship to his resume, but it was his first in cross. He had a fabulous season all of the way through the state meet as he strung along seven consecutive sub 16 minute 5K races this season including a 15:26.85 PR.

Creed Thompson (UT) - The BYU signee had an awesome senior season starting off with a 14:59 in the three mile distance.

Isaac Alonzo (TX)4:29/9:36/14:44@state
Berlin, Isaac (UT)4:28/9:59/15minH
Billingsley, Isaiah (TX)4:34/9:43/15:22 st champ x 2 in cc
Cuartas, Sergio (TX)4:25/9:26/15minM
Douglas, Luke (UT)4:27/9:48/15minH
Knight, Taylor (UT)4:29/9:53/15minM
Korsmo, Sean (ND)4:23/9:32/15:36 state champ
Hunter Galvan , Tristan (TX)4:19/9:58/15mid
Mora, David (TX)4:34/9:48/14:56@State
Thompson, Creed (UT)4:29/9:27/14:34/2nd @ state
Wilfong, Foster (TX)4:27/9:47/14

- - -

Texas Top Contenders

Isaac Alonzo (Lubbock High) -  Alonzo has been on fire all season long. He was undefeated all of the way through the state meet where he was in the lead until the last 15 meters; he finished runner-up at the UIL 5A state meet. He has the third fastest time in the state this season with his 14:42.21.

Isaiah Billingsley (Miller Grove) - Billingsley won his second individual UIL 1A state championship last week while leading his Miller Grove squad to it's fourth straight team win. He has a 15:12.40 SB and firmly believes he can run with the best of the best and this weekend is his chance to prove it.

Sergio Leon Cuartas (El Paso Eastwood) - Cuartas has been one of the Eastwood leading runners all season long. He has a 15:15.63 SB from the Desert Twilight where he finished fifth overall and he also finished 12th at the UIL 6A state meet last week. Cuartas is used to running his best in the post season over the last two seasons as his team advanced to the Team Cross Country Nationals; look for a big race from him this weekend.

David Mora (Lubbock Monterey) - Mora is a young runner, but he has proven to be one of the best rising runners in the state. The 2020 season was huge and shows his development and his performance at last week's UIL 5A state meet is evidence. He was third and finished with a 14:56.98 PR; in his first national meet and in his home town could be an extension of his big race in Round Rock.

Tristan Galvan - (San Antonio Brandeis) -  Galvan's 2020 season has been short and mysterious, but it has fast. He started the season off with a 15:33.90 and 15:26 in his first two meets back in September and then he didn't race for the remainder of the seasons. He ran a fast 1600m for November with his 4:21.35 at the Schrader 1600m. He is a speedster, so if he still has 5K fitness, look out for him to have a statement type of race.

Foster Wilfong (Boerne Champion) - Wilfong has had a fast and consistent 2020 season. He started the season off with a 15:21.30 and his slowest race of the season was his Region 4 championship run in 15:50 in tough conditions. He was fourth at the UIL 5A state meet and PRed with his 14:58.89.

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Box Assignments

1. Devin Duran/Brian Easter/Braden Gilbert/Christian Gonzales
2. Creed Thompson/Riley Trent/Gilbert Valdez/Jack Voelker
3. Arlington H
4. Deer Creek
5. Orem
6. Atascocita
7. Timpanogos XC
8. Edcouch-Elsa
9. Chase Hernandez/Jonathon Holloway/Tristan H-G/Lucas Kedge
10. BMR
11. Page RC
12. Sean Korsmo/Wyatt Lehmann/Pablo Lomeli/Ivan Marquez
13. Alamo XC
14. Cade Martin/David Mora/Alfredo R-C/Christian Robinson
15. El Paso Flames
16. Celerity Performance
17. Skyler Roper/Colby Sandoval/Caleb Scheffler/Lucas Tauch
18. George Abraham/Isaac Alonzo/Isaac Apolinar/Brian Armijo

Boys Elite A Race Entries
Abraham, George
Alonzo, Isaac
andrade, luis
Antonelli, AJ
Apolinar, Isaac
Archie, Michael
avendano, angel
barrera, jeremiah
Beckner, Colton
Begay, Gavyn
Begay, Shaydon
Berlin, Isaac
Cantu, Raul
Christenson, Mckay
Cisneros, Lucas
Collins, Naataanii
Contreras , Jesus
Corpus, Marc
Corral, Carmelo
Cox, Kaleb
Dalmas, Isaiah
Dameron, Bronson
Davis, Quentin
Douglas, Luke
Duran, Devin
Easter, Brian
Echohawk, Tayson
Ehrlicher, Trevor
Enriquez, Omar
Gagnon, Michael
Galvez, Martin
Garcia, Celso
Garcia, Matthew
Gilbert, Braden
Giron, Juan
Gonzales, Christian
Gonzales, Christian
Greenwood, Spencer
grimaldo, esau
Hansen, Thys
Heckman III, David
Hernadez, Kevin
Hernandez , Oscar
Hernandez, Chase
Holdsworth, Jayden
Holiday, Trent
Holloway, Jonathan
Hunter Galvan , Tristan
Ibarra, Daniel
Jacobs, Cameron
Jensen, Hunter
Kedge, Lucas
Killian, Aidan
Knight, Taylor
Korsmo, Sean
Lee, Spencer
Lehmann, Wyatt
Lomeli, Pablo
Lorenzen, Cord
Maldonado, Oliver
Marquez, Ivan
Martin, Cade
Martin, Rex
Martinez, Christopher
martinez, ivan
Mata, Alexis L
Moffitt, Britton
Mora, David
murillo, martin
Onzi, Caleb
Parra, Franco
Parra, Marcelo
Ramirez, Gio
Reina Corona, Alfredo
reyna, rogelio
Robinson, Christian
Roper, Skyler
Rubio, Benjamin
Rubio, Nathaniel
Saenz, Aaron
Salas, Oscar
Sandoval, Colby
Scheffler, Caleb
Scheffler, Caleb
Tapp, Pierce
Tauch, Lucas
Thompson, Creed
Trent, Riley
Valdez , Gilbert
Van Buren, Brevin
Velez, Gilbert
Voelker, Jack
Walker, Trevor
Watts, Ryan
Wilfong, Foster
Wolfe, Hayden
Woodburry, Cade