UIL 3A Boys All-State Cross Country Teams

2021 UIL 3A Boys Cross Country State Championship race

The 2021 UIL 3A boys cross country season was almost anybody's race this year at the state meet. There were favorites and there were some dark horses.

Individually, the state meet came down to an extremely close race between a favorite in Wyatt Hoover (Poth) and Angel Torres (Tornillo). Hoover had a great year as expected leading into the state meet and he looked like one of the guys who would race for the title and he did just that. He took the race leadership role from the start and began to open up a lead that was nearly too big to overcome. However, Torres and another race favorite Crawford Kiser (Amarillo River Road) were battling it out for the runner-up position. 

Hoover's lead drastically diminished over the last half-mile as Torres and Kiser crept closer and closer. They began to sense that if they had some life left in their legs, they might be able to contend over the last part of the race. Torres looked over his shoulder to scope out the race behind them as he and Kiser inched closer and closer. Over the last 50m, Torres pulled away from Kiser and closer towards Hoover and the battle for the state title was officially back on. Hoover inched just passed Torres for a win that was so close they both had the exact same time after 5,000m of running.

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